Kirit Somaiya Biography, Watch Viral Video, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth & Controversy

Kirit Somaiya Biography –  In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for politicians to connect with their constituents. One such example is the Indian politician Kirit Somaiya, whose name recently became associated with a viral video on Twitter was Kirit genuinely in a risky circumstance, or was this just a shady political poly to damage his reputation? It is genuinely bad news for the BJP as well as the politician if the evidence proves to be accurate. To know more information about Kirit Somaiya Biography, you should access the whole writing.

Kirit Somaiya (born 12 February 1954) is an Indian politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party who acted for Mumbai North-East in the 16th Lok Sabha & the 13th Lok Sabha. He is currently appointed as the vice president of Bharatiya Janata Party’s Maharashtra unit.

Kirit Somaiya Biography

As per sources and reports, Politicians deal with controversies on a daily basis, particularly after making great advancements in their political careers. Kirit was determined to be guilty after being discovered in an unfavorable situation. The recent incident involving the politician is still being bought up by many political leaders, citizens, detractors, and members of the media. He confidently claimed during a police investigation that he was not engaging in such conduct. The Kirit Somaiya video was broadcast on the Lokshahi Marathi Channel. By no means has the news station disclosed the women’s identity. The most well-liked social media sites where the Kirit Somaiya viral video and other information are going viral for the politician are Reddit and Twitter.

The forthcoming elections could be the reason for all that has been happening recently. This might be a tactic employed by a rival group. In this article, we will delve into the details of the viral video, along with an overview of Kirit Somaiya’s biography, his family life, and his age. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of this public figure and uncover the reasons behind his online popularity.


Kirit Somaiya Biography Highlights

Name of the Article Kirit Somaiya Biography
Profession Politician
Age 69 years
Birthday 12 February, 1954
  • Medha (Wife)
  • Neil (Son)
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Recent Controversy Caught in a compromising situation in a viral video
Category Biography
News Channel To Highlight Video Lokshahi
Responses to viral video There is negative gossip circulating around the corner about Kirit
Political Party Bhartiya Janata Party

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Early life and education

Somaiya was born & brought up in Mumbai in a middle-class family. He graduated as a Chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in 1979 and as well secured a rank in the All India Merit List. He married Medha Somaiya and they’ve one son. His son, Neil, as well joined BJP & is the Municipal Councilor from Ward 108 Mulund.

Kirit Somaiya Political Career

Year Position Held
1975 Elected to Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
1999 Elected to 13th Lok Sabha
1999 to 2004 Member of Standing Committee on Finance, Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry, Committee on Petitions and Public Accounts Committee
2000 Member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways
2014 Chairperson of House Committee
2014 Member of- Public Accounts Committee; Standing Committee on Finance; Committee on Privileges; Consultative Committee, Ministry of Urban Development
2015 Member of General Purposes Committee
2016 Chairperson of Standing Committee on Labour
2016-17 Member of Sub-Committee-VII (PPP Project) of Public Accounts Committee
2019 Vice President of BJP Maharashtra

Kirit Somaiya Positions Held

Year Position Held
Member of Parliament , Lok Sabha
1995-1999 MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly)
2000-2004 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railway
2014-2016 Chairperson, Standing Committee on Energy
2019 Vice President (Maharashtra BJP)

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Who is Kirit Somaiya’s Wife?

Kirit, who married Medha Somaiya in 1979, has a loving spouse. The right hand of her spouse, Medha, was always there. Right or wrong, Medha was there during all of his ups and downs. Their close bond serves as evidence of a genuine husband and wife relationship.

Family of Kirit Somaiya

Kirit Somaiya, who comes from a middle-class family, has excelled in his political career. He is blessed with a son named Neil and is married to Medha Somaiya. Neil is a member of the Municipal Council for Ward 108- Mulund and is active in politics.

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Kirit Somaiya Age

Kirit, who is currently in his 69s, was born in 1954. He is the Bhartiya Janta Party Politician with the most political experience.

What is the Latest Video of Kirit Somaiya?

The politician claimed that everyone’s perception of him has negatively impacted by the Kirit Somaiya viral video. And it is not what it appears to be at first. His innocence is demonstrated by Kirit’s faith in him. It’s possible that he is the target of such accusations. YouTube, Social media, and a number of news outlets all feature the Kirit somaiya video. The use of social media networks should done in accordance with their politics, as can inferred from this example.

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Kirit Somaiya Net Worth

According to sources, Kirit Somaiya has a net worth of approximately Rs. 27 million. He has held a number of significant positions during the past few years, and he also owns a number of enterprises. Kirit Somaiya, who is a chartered accountant, will have a number of investments in various.


Kirit Somaiya’s viral Twitter video brought him significant attention on social media, allowing people from all walks of life to learn more about him and his work. Through this blog article, we have explored the video that led to his online popularity, his biography, his family life, and his age. Kirit Somaiya’s journey from a grassroots worker to a prominent political figure serves as an inspiration to many, and his dedication to public service continues to shape his vision for a better India. As his political career evolves, we can expect him to remain an influential figure in the political landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I access the information related to Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter?

If you want to access the information related to Kirit Somaiya's video Twitter. Then, you must have to read the above-mentioned article.

What is the age of Kirit Somaiya?

Kirit Somaiya's age is 69 years old as of 2023.

What is the profession of Kirit Somaiya?

Kirit somaiya profession is Politician @ Bhartiya Janta Party.

What is Kirit Somaiya’s net worth?

If reports are to believe, Kirit Somaiya’s net worth is around Rs. 27 crores.

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