Notice Writing Examples with Tips to Write Notice Class 10th & 12th

Notice Writing – Examples with Tips to Write Notice Class 10th & 12th: In this article, we have mentioned the Format Examples and tips for Notice writing. Notice writing is a way of informing about trending information and past information to peoples. Notice writing is simple and formal based information which aware all the people about the Trending order, rule, or any kind of latest and past updates. Generally, notices are related to education, Government or public place or any legal notice to a group of people.

Notice Writing

Notice writing is a simple document that is written in a very simple and formal language that introduces the latest and past information in brief or limited details. Notices are written in an offline mode. Notice writing contains a minimum limit of 50 words. There is only brief and main detail, purpose, or information written in the notice writing. Behind every notice, there is a message to inform people about something happening or any announcement to inform people via Notice writing.

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In this paragraph, we have mentioned that whenever you write or read any notice of educational institutions, government authorities, public or private places, etc. all notices have one purpose to get to know people about the latest updates or any past information. Through, this article we are going to provide you with the easiest way of understanding notice writing. Collect more pieces of information about notice writing from this article given below:

Notice Writing

Format of Notice Writing

In this paragraph, we are going to explain to you the Format of notice writing. If you are looking for the formats of notice then Read our article to know about certain details mentioned below.

Organization name: First of all, whenever you write any notice you have to put out the heading with the organization name such as Seth GB Podar College, Nawalgarh (Rajasthan)

Title notice: Now you have to put out the title of the notice after the organization name.

Date/Month/Session: Whenever, you are going to write any notice you have to put out the Date of information, update, or any situation while you are writing the notice.

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Purpose/Reason/subject of the notice: Behind every notice, there is a purpose, reason, and motive to inform about any situation. So you have to put a purpose of the notice while notice writing.

Body: The body contains the main content of the notice which must be of informative details. Whenever you write any notice you should write only necessary details about any event.

Signature: At last, the notice writing contains the signature of the person who composes the notice and their designation. By which the readers have to know who has issued the notice.

Tips for Notice Writing

  • A Notice should be kept short and Informative.
  • Notice writing should be of a maximum of 50 words only.
  • Notice writing contains only main details related to the event.
  • Notice should be kept in a box.
  • The notice contains clarity in information by which the reader understand about message clearly.
  • The body of the notice can be written in a comparatively smaller font size.

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Examples of Notice Writing

We are here to provide you the examples of Notice writing with their solutions. Whenever you read or write any notice you can see that the language of notice should be kept short and informative. Let’s check some sample of questions and answers given below:

Question 1. As a principal of Shri Nawalgarh Public school Rajasthan, draft notice in not more than 50 words informing students of the Change in school timing.

Shri Nawalgarh Public School


11th Jan 2024

Change in School Timing

All students are hereby informed about a change in school timing from 11th Jan 2024. The school will now start at 7 a.m. & end at 1 p.m. it has been seen that Summer is rather severe and it becomes difficult to end on 3 p.m. because of summer weather. So these timing will be followed till further notice.


Question 2. As an NCC staff Faculty of Delhi public school, New Delhi, prepare a notice regarding Har Ghar Tiranga 75th Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. Notice should be kept in 50 words.

NCC staff faculty of Delhi Public school


10th August 2022

Har ghar Tiranga mahotsav

All students are hereby informed about the occasion of Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav On 15th August 2022 on behalf of 75th Independence day. As the head of National Cadet Core NCC, our school is going to Organize the event of Har Ghar Tiranga Mahotasav from 13th august 2022 to 15th august 2022. All the participants should come with the Indian flag to this event. This year on the 75th independence day the prime minister of India Narendra Modi message to the public about Har Ghar Tiranga Mahotsav to make all Indian feel patriotism on this occasion.

NCC Staff

Question 3. You are Abhishek, the president of your school. Write a notice for the cultural programs to be held in your school. Give details of the date, venue, time and items to be held.


Gurukripa public School Notice

12 December, 20xx

The cultural committee of our school is organizing a cultural fiesta which will be held on our school premises on 25 Dec 20xx from 5 p.m to 7 p.m. several folk dances, folk music and regional programs will be presented on the occasion. All the students who are interested to participate in this occasion give their names to the event organizer. For more information about this occasion contact the head of the event organizer.

Abhishek President, Cultural Committee

Question 4. You are the secretary of the music club of your school. Write a notice inviting names of the students who want to participate in an interclass singing competition.

GPS School


10 March, 20xx

Singing competition

All the students are hereby informed that the music club of the school is organizing an interclass singing competition on 16th March 20xx. Those students who are interested to participate in this event submit their names to the event organizer by 14th march, 20xx.


Music Club of GPS School

Question 5. You are Hritik, found a mobile phone, Write a notice containing 50 words.


7 August, 20xx

Found a Mobile phone on a bus

All the citizens of Sikar, district are hereby notified that a Vivo 19 mobile phone was found on the roadways bus of Sikar, Now this phone is lying in the custody of the driver and conductor Responsibility. So the owner of this phone is requested to collect it as early as possible giving the proper evidence in support of the claim. We are helping the owner of this phone by providing the contact number of the bus driver 9828xxxxxx. Please collect your mobile phone as early as possible.


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