PM PRANAM Scheme 2024 Benefits, Registration, Subsidy, Eligibility, Dates

PM PRANAM Scheme 2024 – Through this article, you can access all the information related to PM PRANAM Scheme 2024. Whereas, the Government of India has always prioritized the welfare of its citizens, and with the launch of the Pradhan Mantri PRANAM Scheme (PM PRANAM) in 2024, it has taken a significant step towards empowering the elderly population of the country. The country’s top officials made the announcement about the programme on June 28, 2024. This has sparked widespread excitement and high levels of media attention. For more updates, you should access the complete article.

PM PRANAM Scheme 2024

According to the latest sources and information, Nirmala Sitaraman, India’s finance minister, has announced the programme. Chemical fertilisers are not only more expensive overall for the nation, but they also pose a health danger to people. The agriculture sector and other economic sectors in the nation are about to undergo a paradigm shift as a result of this. PM Kisan Yojana rumbled. PM PRANAM scheme is the one in the league compared to it. All the beneficiaries must have to take advantage of this scheme by applying for the same. For know more detail, you’ve to access the complete post.

The PM PRANAM scheme is intended for the use of chemical fertilisers that are balanced. This plan will decrease the dependability of fertilisers based on chemicals. Under the PM PRANAM scheme 2024, the Indian states that balance their use of chemical fertilisers would receive a sizable subsidy. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the PM PRANAM Scheme, including its benefits, registration process, subsidy provisions, eligibility criteria, and important dates. Moreover, we will explore how this scheme aims to address the challenges faced by senior citizens and create a better quality of life for them. keep reading this article till the end.


PM PRANAM Scheme 2024 Overview

Name of the Article PM PRANAM Scheme
Released By Indian Government
Announced on Union Budget 2024 – 24
Announced by Nirmala Sitaraman (Finance Minister of India)
Category Sarkari Yojana
Purpose To Promote Green Farming
Scheme implementation Duration 3 years
PM PRANAM Scheme Launch Date 28th June 2024
Total Financial benefit from the scheme Around 2.5 lakh (predicted)
Official website Click here

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When the National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi campaign took place, the first discussion about the plan got underway. According to fewer internet sources, it was September 2022 at the moment. The government want to cut the amount of the subsidy that farmers must provide when purchasing chemical fertilisers.

As a result, the ministers have not yet announced a precise budget. However, money will save from the current fertilizer subsidies. Depending on how much money each state can save through the implementation of the system, each state will receive a 50% subsidy. If we calculate a lump sum from 100, 70% of the money that is giving to the state will go towards the equipment and other resources that are needed. Limiting the use of chemical fertilisers will done with the remaining 30%.

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Advantages of the PM PRANAM Scheme

The Prime Minister’s promotion of the Alternative Nutrients for Agriculture Management yojana is set to take effect across the nation’s states. For the well-being of the populace, this will be a crucial and advantageous measure taken by the government. For Indian residents, the programme for Restoration, awareness, nourishment, and Amelioration of Mother Earth was a crucial component of the Budget 2024-24. The dividend will guarantee to everyone living in India, not only the farmers. Nutrients must add to the soil where crops are grown in order to support the growth of the seeds. Chemical fertilisers are required because the soil cannot produce adequate nutrients due to globalization and other natural factors. These support a number of disorders.

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Eligibility Criteria Required For PM PRANAM Scheme

You may interested in knowing the scenario that led to this revised plan. Permit us to give you a briefing on this. The finance minister described a number of programmes to support green farming during the presentation of the Union Budget. All the authorities agreed that this idea was fruitful, and citizens will undoubtedly benefit from it. Nirmala announced that the strategy, which includes one crore farmers overall for the adoption of the natural farming concept, would be carried out for the next three years. Given that 10,000 Bio-input resource centres will soon establish, this statistic is practically feasible. These facilities will manufacture and distribute micro-fertilizers and insecticides. You can check your eligibility for the PM PRANAM scheme on the top portal.

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Steps to Apply For PM PRANAM Scheme Registration

  • Firstly, candidates have to visit the official website of the PM PRANAM Scheme.
  • Then, you have to register yourself using your personal, contact and other details.
  • Now, login in again using your specific credentials.
  • On the homepage, the applicants will find a direct link for registering for the scheme.
  • They will have to enter the specific details and upload the required documents.
  • Check the mentioned details and click on the submit button.
  • By following the above process, you are able to apply for PM PRANAM Scheme.


The Pradhan Mantri PRANAM Scheme 2024 is a commendable effort by the Government of India to prioritize the well-being of its elderly population. By providing financial, emotional, and social support, the scheme aims to create a more secure and respectful environment for senior citizens. The registration process is designing to accessible, ensuring that eligible applicants can easily avail the benefits they deserve. As the scheme progresses, it is expecting to make a significant difference in the lives of countless elderly citizens, improving their quality of life and fostering a more inclusive society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I access the information related to the PM PRANAM scheme 2024?

If you want to access the information related to PM PRANAM Scheme 2024. Then, you must have to read the above-mentioned article.

What are the benefits of the PM Pranam scheme?

The Prime Minister’s PRANAM Scheme 2024 promotes sustainable agriculture that uses less chemical fertilisers and nutrient-rich soil. In exchange for receiving subsidies, the state would balance its use of chemical fertilisers, assisting farmers to embrace green fertilizer programmes.

What is the PM PRANAM Scheme?

The PM Programme for Restoration, Awareness, Nourishment, and Amelioration of Mother Earth is also known as PM-PRANAM. The Union government made its initial announcement of PM-PRANAM in the budget for 2024-24. The programme encourages states to employ alternative fertilisers in an effort to decrease the usage of chemical fertilisers.

What is Assam Employees Pranam Act 2017?

The PRANAM Act, 2017, was amending to make state government employees responsible for caring for their parents, Divyang siblings, and any other matters related to or incidental to those caregiving responsibilities. The aforementioned goal is what the bill aims to accomplish.

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