Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2024 Online Registration and Login

Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2024 Online Registration and Login For government employees and retirees, there is a health insurance program called Kerala Medisp Scheme. Earlier, the Kerala government was advised by the 10th Pay Revision Commission to develop a health insurance policy for employees and pensioners. Based on this, the Finance Minister announced the program in the budget speech for 2017-2018, although he did not mention it by its official name, the Insurance Programme.

One of the best insurance schemes in the state to date, this state program is available only to the citizens of Kerala and will help around 30 lakh people there. Information about this insurance program will be given in this post. The post will also discuss the purpose of the MEDISEP scheme, benefits, eligibility, paperwork required, and the registration process.

Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2024

Kerala Medisp Scheme is a health insurance scheme for government employees and pensioners. Earlier, the 10th Pay Revision Commission had suggested setting up of a health insurance program for workers and retirees in Kerala. On the basis of the same, the Finance Minister announced this scheme in the budget speech of 2017-2018, but then he did not mention the name of the insurance scheme. It is a state program that is entirely available to residents of Kerala and will help around 3 million people there, making it one of the best insurance programs the state has ever seen. This article will provide all the information about Kerala Medisp Scheme.

Recently, the Kerala program, namely MEDISEP Insurance Health Scheme, introduced more hospitals to its list of hospitals. There are 31 new hospitals in total. Kerala Finance and Oriental Insurance Department will publish the complete list. As on 1 July, 246 hospitals joined the scheme, and already 31 private hospitals have been covered. Kids Health, Trivandrum and Thiruvananthapuram, Kimshealth, have joined the insurance. KIMSHEALTH will initially do the transplant surgery with MEDISEP. For the proper functioning of the hospitals included in the list, the government will withdraw the funds if the MEDISEP scheme is not followed.

Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2022

Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2024 Overview

Name of the scheme MEDISEP Scheme Kerala
launched by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said
Year 2024
State Kerala
Beneficiaries Pensioners and employees
Official Website

MEDISEP Scheme Kerala 2024 Key Points

  • MEDICSEP health insurance scheme is a state scheme only for the state of Kerala and only for government employees and retired pensioners.
  • During its three-year term, the program will help 30 million people in the state.
  • The scheme covers Rs 3 lakh annually.
  • 1920 Diseases covered under this scheme.
  • To avail of this scheme for eligible people, at least 24 hours of hospitalization is required.
  • The concerned authorities make the list of hospitals registered under the scheme.
  • Total coverage of 15 days with financial assistance before and after hospitalization.
  • For registration and all details visit

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MEDISEP Scheme 2024 Benefits

  • Under the MEDISEP scheme, the following benefits are given to eligible persons in the state of Kerala:
  • Under the Basic Package (BBP), this three-year program will benefit 3 crore people.
  • It will give Rs 300,000 per year.
  • A total of 1920 treatments and surgical procedures are covered in the MEDISEP plan.
  • However, the BBP package will include 1823 procedures.
  • Under the BBP, the general surgery therapy package, the category of “general surgery” has the largest number of treatment options (197).
  • There are 168 packages in the Cardiology segment.
  • There are 156 packages in Surgical Oncology, 144 in Orthopedics, and 147 in Dental Surgery.
  • There are 111 in plastic surgery.
  • The program pays for hospital-related costs such as housing, food, prescription drug costs, doctor and staff fees, and medical expenses.
  • MEDISEP includes a separate package for transplants and destructive procedures.

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Who will benefit from the Medicaid Scheme 2024?

  • As per the terms of the MEDISEP scheme, the people who will benefit include all state government employees who are currently employed and who are working as per the 1960 Act, as well as all retirees who are receiving pensions.
  • and also in-service staff who belong to the teaching and non-teaching sectors of aided schools and colleges.
  • Employees of universities receiving grants-in-aid from state government and local self-governing institutions are on the list of beneficiaries.
  • Staff members of the Kerala High Court are also involved.
  • Among pensioners, teaching and non-teaching staff of aided schools and colleges, and universities who are all retired and who have received grants from the state government and LSG, are considered beneficiaries of the scheme.
  • The scheme will also directly assist in the recruitment of employee pensioners and family pensioners.
  • In addition to teaching and non-teaching workers of aided schools and colleges, family members, children, and spouses will also be on the list of beneficiaries, also it is mandatory for all the above categories that have been defined to participate in the scheme. Is.
  • If both parents are on the beneficiary list of the scheme then their children will also be included in the beneficiary list.

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Kerala MEDISEP Scheme 2024 Registration Process

  • Open the official website of the MEDICEP Scheme.
  • Now the home page will be displayed in front of you
  • Proceed from here by going to the register option on the webpage.
  • There will be a transition to a new page.
  • Fill out the application form with relevant information.
  • Please submit any relevant documents that need to be uploaded.
  • Make sure all the information is correct, and then select the submit option.
  • If you do it this way you will have an easier time signing up for the program.

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Steps to Download MEDCard Online

  • To get started, please visit the online residency of the MEDISEP scheme.
  • The screen will then automatically load the homepage of the website for you.
  • Proceed from here by selecting the “Download Medcard” option on the webpage.
  • Then the screen will display a completely new login page.
  • Enter login details like beneficiary type and MEDICSEP ID, and employee ID/PEN/PPO number
  • Now click on the Sign-in option.
  • After that, the med card will be displayed.
  • Click on the download option to download it to your device.

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