Gujarat RTO Code List 2024 Download PDF, GJ RTO City Codes

Gujarat RTO Code – RTO stands for Regional Transport Office, which is responsible for registering vehicles, issuing driving licenses & gathering taxes. This writing will talk about various aspects of RTO Gujarat, like its functions, services & process.

Gujarat RTO Code List 2024

To make sure that the services related to motor vehicles are giving efficiently, Gujarat has established regarding 36 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). These offices are spread out over all the complete state, with every district receiving at least one RTO. A few of the more famous RTO in the state include RTO Ahmedabad (GJ-01), RTO Rajkot (GJ-03) &  RTO Surat (GJ-05).

The functions of the RTOs located in Gujarat include the registration & maintenance of vehicular data plying within the state , together with the issuance of driving licences. However, Gujarat RTOs are tasked with the responsibility of carrying out pollution inspections & fitness checks on all vehicles in the state.

Gujarat RTO Code


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Gujrat RTO Registration Code List PDF

The Gujarat Government’s Transport Department is responsible for controlling an efficient public transportation system, decreasing vehicle pollution, registering vehicles in Gujarat, releasing driving licenses, buying auto insurance, issuing a variety of permits & gathering road taxes.

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Also, the agency is in control of all policy-making, coordination, execution, monitoring & regulatory duties pertaining to Gujarat’s transportation system. And about formulating & enforcing policies, the Gujarati government serves as the regulatory authority for the transport department. The Transport Commissioner, as well the Head of the Transport Department, is in control of the Transport Department.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Gujarat (Gujarat RTO)

There’re 38 Regional Transport Offices in Gujarat, which regulate & monitor the state’s transportation system. Beneath is the entire list of RTOs in Gujarat:

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RTO Code RTO Name
GJ-01 Ahmedabad
GJ-02 Mehsana
GJ-03  Rajkot
GJ-04 Bhavnagar
GJ-05 Surat
GJ- 06  Vadodara
GJ- 07 Nadiad
GJ-08 Palanpur
GJ-09 Himmatnagar
GJ-10 Jamnagar
GJ-11  Junagadh
GJ-12 Kuchh-Bhuj
GJ-13 Surendranagar
GJ-14  Amreli
GJ-15 Valsad
GJ-16  Bharuch
GJ-17  Godhara
GJ-18  Gandhinagar
GJ-19  Bardoli
GJ-20  Dahod
GJ-21 Navsari
GJ-22 Rajpipla
GJ-23 Anand
GJ-24  Patan
GJ-25 Porbandar
GJ-26  Vyara
GJ-27 Ahmedabad East
GJ-30  Dang-Aahwa
GJ-31 Arvalli
GJ-32 Gir Somnath
GJ-33 Botad
GJ-34 Chhotaudepur
GJ-35 Mahisagar
GJ-36 Morbi
GJ-37 Devbhumi Dwarka
GJ-38 Bavla


Duties of Regional Transport Office Gujarat

The Transport Department of the Gujarat Government works under the provision of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. It is in charge of releasing driving licenses, registration of vehicles & gathering taxes. The RTO Gujarat is as well in charge of enforcing traffic regulations & ensuring road safety. The Regional Transport Office Gujarat (RTO Gujarat) has many duties & responsibilities related to transportation in the state.

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  • Issuance of Driving Licenses: RTO Gujarat is responsible for releasing driving licenses to eligible individuals after completing the essential training & passing the driving test. The RTO verifies the identity & age of the customer & make sure that they meet the required criteria to be eligible for a driving license.
  • Registration of Vehicles: RTO Gujarat is in charge of registering all vehicles that operate in the state. This includes verifying the ownership of the vehicle, checking the vehicle’s roadworthiness, & issuing a registration certificate. The RTO as well make sure that all vehicles meet the essential safety standards before operating on public roads.
  • Issuance of Fitness Certificates: RTO Gujarat issues fitness certificates to vehicles after they’ve passed the essential tests for roadworthiness.
  • Collection of Taxes: RTO Gujarat gets various transportation-related taxes, like road tax, motor vehicle tax, and passenger tax. The taxes collected are utilizing to develop the state’s transportation system.
  • Enforcement of Traffic Rules: RTO Gujarat is responsible for enforcing traffic rules & regulations to make sure road safety. This includes monitoring & penalizing traffic violators, conducting awareness campaigns & promoting safe driving practices.
  • Issuance of Permits: RTO Gujarat issues permits for commercial vehicles like taxis, buses, and trucks. The Gujarat RTO be sure that the vehicles are fit to operate on public roads and that the drivers meet the necessary criteria to be eligible for a permit.
  • Conducting Inspections: RTO Gujarat conducts inspections of vehicles, driving schools, and other transportation-related establishments to make sure that they meet the necessary safety standards and follow with the rules & regulations set by the government.

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Types of Vehicle Registration in Gujarat

In Gujarat, there’re various kinds of vehicle registration that individuals can get from the RTO.

  • Temporary Registration: Temporary registration is releasing to vehicles not permanently registered. It is valid for a limited period & is used to transport the vehicle from the dealer to the purchaser’s location.
  • Permanent Registration: Permanent registration is issued to vehicles that have done the essential inspections & meet the safety standards set by RTO Gujarat. It is valid for 15 years for private vehicles & 5 years for commercial vehicles, after which it requires to renew.
  • Transport Vehicle Registration: Transport vehicle registration is issued to commercial vehicles including buses, trucks, and taxis. These vehicles are utilizing for transporting goods or passengers & are subject to special regulations and taxes.
  • Vintage and Classic Vehicle Registration: Vintage & classic vehicle registration is issued to vehicles more than 50 years old & maintained in their original condition. These vehicles are subject to special regulations & are not grating to use for commercial purposes.
  • Temporary Permits: Temporary allows are releasing to vehicles for a limited period, usually for a specific purpose like tourism, pilgrimage, or exhibition. These grants are subject to certain conditions, including a maximum distance limit and a specific route.
  • Interstate Vehicle Registration: These vehicles are subject to special regulations & taxes and must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective RTOs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many RTO codes are there in Gujarat?

Gujarat has more than 39 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state. Below is an RTO Gujarat list along with their respective RTO codes.

What is gj01 city name?

Ahmedabad (GJ-01) RTO - Code List, Vehicle Information, Registration.

Which city is GJ-34 in Gujarat?

ARTO Chhotaudepur (GJ-34) | RTO/ARTO | Commissionerate of Transport, Government of Gujarat.

Which city is gj 31 in Gujarat?


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