Chandigarh RTO Code List 2024, Chd RTO Vehicle Registration Details

Chandigarh RTO Code – Chandigarh is one of the most well-planned cities in India. There’re many regions of Chandigarh that speak volumes with regard to urban planning & modern architecture. While it can great to drive around Chandigarh, it is as well necessary to make sure that the lawful process for your vehicle like its registration is completed.

All the lawful proceedings such as issuing of licences, vehicle permits, new vehicle registrations, etc. are carried out by Chandigarh RTO offices. This writing assists you know everything about Chandigarh Regional Transport Office, its functions and fees. 

Chandigarh RTO Code List 2024

While driving on roads in Chandigarh or when searching to avail driving license in the state, you would have come over all the term RTO i.e. Regional Transport Office. Just like each other state, the state of Chandigarh too has a Regional Transport Office, a government organization that is responsible for taking care of the traffic operations in the state.

The primary job of the Chandigarh is to work towards executing the laws introduced in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Doing activities including keeping a check on pollution, tax collection, road transport rule enforcement, etc are primary duties of the Chandigarh RTO.

Chandigarh RTO Code

Chandigarh RTO Code List 2024 Overview

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Vehicle Registration at RTO Chandigarh

In order to drive your vehicle around the city of Chandigarh, it is necessary to register your vehicle without fail. There’re certain steps to follow to get your vehicle registered in the Chandigarh Regional Transport Office. Follow these easy steps to complete the registration procedure for your vehicle.

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  •  Commence by receiving your vehicle inspected by the respective RTO officer.
  •  Once your vehicle is inspected, you’ve to file an application form.
  •  After filling out your application, make sure to submit all the required documents to complete the application procedure.

Once your application is submitted, the documents will verified. You’ll get the original registration certificate mailed to your registered mailing address. But, it is important to note that you as well need to purchase a motor insurance plan to go together with your newly bought vehicle, if you wish to drive legally on the Indian roads.

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Functions of RTO Office Chandigarh

Here is a list of the important functions that the RTO Chandigarh carries out:

Issuing Driving Licence

The RTO is that authority which is responsible for conducting driving tests & certifying drivers by giving a valid driver’s licence. The process for renewing a driving licence can as well done at RTO Chandigarh.

Registration of Vehicles

Another important function carried out by the RTO is the process of vehicle registration. Certificates such as NOC, vehicle fitness certificates, grants for commercial vehicles, etc. are as well released by the RTO.

Taxes and Fees

The RTO Chandigarh is responsible for getting road taxes, fines and vehicle-related governmental fees.

Vehicle Inspections

The RTO sets up checkpoints on various roads over all the city & conducts vehicle inspections to ensure that no traffic rules & norms are being broken.

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Road Safety Programs

The RTO is as well responsible for conducting road-safety awareness programs to decrease the instances of vehicle accidents.

RTO Charges in Chandigarh

Now that you’re aware of the various functions also as contact details of RTOs in Chandigarh, you should take a look at the RTO fees charged for various licence related actions:

Driving Licence FunctionFees
Learning Licence₹150
Issuing of DL₹300
Duplicate DL₹250
Changing DL information₹400
International DL₹1,000
DL for a new type of vehicle₹500
DL Renewal₹200
Permit for driving school₹10,000

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RTO Codes List of Chandigarh

The 4 Chandigarh RTO offices have a certain code for every department. Different departments have different contact numbers & contact addresses. Let us have a glance at every of them.

RTO LocationRTO Code
ChandigarhCH 01
ChandigarhCH 02
ChandigarhCH 03
ChandigarhCH 04

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which city is ch 01?

Chandigarh (CH-01) RTO Offices: Find Vehicle Registration Details.

What is RTO code of Chandigarh?

CH01, CH02, CH03, CH04, HR70, PB01

Is there no RTO in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is not only a district and a city but a union territory and a joint capital of two states. Hence, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Chandigarh has to perform a broad range of functions related to transport administration.

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