West Bengal RTO Code List 2024 Check Registration Code of RTO WB

West Bengal RTO – The WB Transport Department make sure the enforcement of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, in West Bengal (WB).

The primary function is the registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licenses & grants, motor vehicle tax & enforcement of vehicles.

West Bengal RTO Code List 2024

In WB, the RTO is responsible for all transportation in the state. The RTO works to make and issue all the documents related to driving vehicles safely in the state. The RTO department is as well concerned with giving training facilities and many workshops to educate and make people aware of traffic rules and safety while driving any type of vehicle. Here in this writing, we’ve provided a code list of all the WB RTO offices for all districts.

West Bengal RTO Code List

West Bengal RTO Code List 2024 Information

Article Name West Bengal RTO Code List
Department Transport Department of WB
Category Trending
Launched By State Government of WB
Official Website Transport.wb.gov.in

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Functions of Motor vehicle Department of West Bengal

The WB Transport Department is mainly involved in the following functions & duties –

  • Registration, renewal, and reissue of Motor Vehicle: Issuance of temporary & permanent registration of vehicles, transfer of ownership, alter of address, issuance of duplicate certification of registration.
  • Permits: Issuance of grants to different vehicles grant for stage carriage, goods carriage. Issuance of temporary grant, special allow, permanent grant, national permit, all India tourist vehicle permit & cancellation of permit.
  • Driving License: Issuance of new, duplicate, endorsement &  permanent license.

WB RTO Code List

Here are the list of RTO offices & codes under the Transport Department, West Bengal:

District RTO Codes
Kolkata Beltala (two-wheelers) WB-01
Kolkata Beltala (private four-wheelers) WB-02
Kolkata Beltala (goods carriages) WB-03
Kolkata Beltala (commercial vehicles) WB-04
Kolkata Kasba (commercial vehicles) WB-05
Kolkata Kasba WB-06
Kolkata Salt Lake WB-07
Kolkata Salt Lake (private vehicles) WB-08
Howrah Transport Vehicles WB-11
Howrah Private Vehicles WB-12
Uluberia (transport vehicles) WB-13
Uluberia (private vehicles) WB-14
Hugli-Chuchura (Transport Vehicles) WB-15
Hugli-Chuchura (Private Vehicles) WB-16
Hooghly Srirampur (commercial vehicles) WB-17
Dankuni WB-18
Alipore (transport vehicles) WB-19
Alipore (private vehicles) WB-20
Barrackpore (transport vehicles) WB-23
Barrackpore (private vehicles) WB-24
Barasat (transport vehicles) WB-25
Barasat (private vehicles) WB-26
Tamluk (transport vehicles) WB-29
Tamluk (private vehicles) WB-30
Contai (transport vehicles) WB-31
Contai (private vehicles) WB-32
Midnapur (transport vehicles) WB-33
Midnapur (private vehicles) WB-34
Midnapur (private vehicles) WB-36
Asansol (transport vehicles) WB-37
Asansol (private vehicles) WB-38
Durgapur (transport vehicles) WB-39
Durgapur (private vehicles) WB-40
Burdwan (transport vehicles) WB-41
Burdwan (private vehicles) WB-42
Kalna (transport vehicles) WB-43
Asansol (private vehicles) WB-44
Bolpur (transport vehicles) WB-47
Bolpur (private vehicles) WB-48
Nadia (transport vehicles) WB-51
Nadia (other than transport vehicles) WB-52
Birbhum (transport vehicles) WB-53
Birbhum (other than transport vehicles) WB-54
Purulia (transport vehicles) WB-55
Purulia (other than transport vehicles) WB-56
Murshidabad (transport vehicles) WB-57
Murshidabad (other than transport vehicles) WB-58
Raiganj (transport vehicles) WB-59
Raiganj (other than transport vehicles) WB-60
Balurghat (transport vehicles) WB-61
Balurghat (other than transport vehicles) WB-62
Cooch Behar (transport vehicles; all NBSTC buses are also registered from this RTO) WB-63
Cooch Behar (other than transport vehicles) WB-64
Malda (transport vehicles) WB-65
Malda (other than transport vehicles) WB-66
Bankura (transport vehicles) WB-67
Bankura (other than transport vehicles) WB-68
Alipurduar (transport vehicles) WB-69
Alipurduar (other than transport vehicles) WB-70
Jalpaiguri (transport vehicles) WB-71
Jalpaiguri (other than transport vehicles) WB-72
Siliguri (transport vehicles) WB-73
Siliguri (other than transport vehicles) WB-74
Darjeeling (transport vehicles) WB-76
Darjeeling (other than transport vehicles) WB-77
Kalimpong (transport vehicles) WB-78
Kalimpong (other than transport vehicles) WB-79
Raghunathpur (transport vehicles) WB-82
Mathabhanga RTO (all commercial vehicle) WB-85
Mathabhanga RTO (other than transport, both two and four wheeler) WB-86
Kalyani (transport vehicles) WB-89
Kalyani (private vehicles) WB-90
Islampur (commercial vehicles) WB-91
Islampur (private vehicles) WB-92
Jahangirpur (Murshidabad) (Commercial Vehicle) WB-93
Jahangirpur (Murshidabad) (transport vehicles) WB-94
Baruipur (commercial vehicles) WB-95
Baruipur (private vehicles) WB-96
Diamond Harbour (commercial vehicles) WB-97
Diamond Harbour (private vehicles) WB-98
Jaynagar (private vehicles) WB-99

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Vehicle Registration in West Bengal

In WB, no motor vehicle can driven without its registration at the WB RTO. Thus, here is everything that you require to know about vehicle registration method at the West Bengal RTO.

Required Documents for Motor Vehicle Registration at WB RTO

  • Vehicle registration application Form 20
  • PUC certificate
  • Road worthiness certificate Form 22
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photographs

The RTO officials will then verify the age & address proof documents and will inspect the vehicles on the basis of which the registration number is issued to the vehicle owner. Fancy registration number can got through the method of auction.

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Re- Registration of Motor Vehicle in West Bengal

  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Form 29. 30 and 33
  • Pollution Under Control of the vehicle
  • Chassis copy
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Application Form FT & Form 27
  • Applicable fee and road taxes have to be paid

Contact Details of West Bengal RTO

  • Address: Public Vehicles Department 38, Beltala Road, West Bengal, West Bengal – 700020
  • Phone: + (91)-33-24751621 / 24751622

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which RTO is WB24?


How many RTO codes are there in West Bengal?

West Bengal has more than 96 RTOs that carry out all transport-related activities in the state.

Which RTO is WB 14?

Driving a car or riding a two-wheeler without a valid RC is against the law and a punishable offence. So if you live in Uluberia city, registering your vehicle at Uluberia RTO is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Which RTO is WB 99?

Jaynagar RTO (WB-99)

What is the full form of RTO?

Regional Transport Office.

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