Pondicherry RTO Code List 2024

Pondicherry RTO – The RTO of Pondicherry was formed under the provisions of The Motor Vehicles Act to give transport-related services. Pondicherry, as well called Puducherry, is a Union Territory. It is as well popular as the ‘French Capital of India’ as it was a French colonial settlement in the nation till 1954. It is popular for its French architecture, beaches & colonial ambience.

Tourism development has resulted in an enhance in the number of vehicles & the Pondicherry Regional Transport Office efficiently handles all service requests from vehicle owners & drivers. Read ahead for details like Puducherry RTO code, contact details &  office working hours.

Pondicherry RTO Code List 2024

It is popular for its scenic beaches, historical monuments, and unique architecture influenced by the French colonial settlement. Thus, it attracts tourists from across the world and is one of the major tourist destinations in the nation. With the fast development of tourism, the city has witnessed an enhance in new vehicle registrations, and the Pondicherry RTO seamlessly handles such transport-related services in the city.

The Pondicherry Regional Transport Office handles transport-related services according to the guideline of The Motor Vehicles Act. It accepts connected appeals from vehicle owners & drivers and gives prompt and timely services. In this writing, we talk about more about the Pondicherry RTO, including its services, fees & contact details.

Pondicherry RTO Code List

Pondicherry RTO Code List 2024 Overview

Article For Pondicherry RTO Code List
Location Pondicherry
Category Trending
Official Website https://transport.py.gov.in/

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Services Provided by Pondicherry RTO

RTO Pondicherry functions under the guidelines of The Motor Vehicles Act and provides all vehicle and driver-related services. Here’re the important services provided by the Puducherry Transport Department.

  • Issuance or renewal of Learner’s Licence (LL), Driving Licence (DL) & International Driving Licence.

  • Registration of vehicles & issuance/renewal of Registration Certificates (RC).

  • Organizing theory & driving tests for LL and DL applicants.

  • Issuance of permits for commercial & transport vehicles.

  • Collection of road tax and service fees.

You can mention to the following sections for more details about RTO Pondicherry services.

Learner’s Licence

The RTO offices in Puducherry conduct theory tests for Learner’s Licence customers. Other services include issuance, renewal and correction of details in LL. You can as well apply for a duplicate licence if you’ve lost the original document.

Driving Licence

RTO Pondicherry organizes driving tests for Driving Licence customers. Other services include issuance, renewal & issuance of duplicate copies of DL. You can as well avail of services like the addition of a new vehicle class & correction of details in the licence.

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Registration Certificate

Puducherry RTO is in control of giving all registration-related services. It includes registration of new/old vehicles, issuance or renewal of RC, ownership transfer, endorsement or removal of loan hypothecation, revision of details in the certificate of registration, etc.


The RTO of Pondicherry gives various permits for transport & commercial vehicles. The important permits include national, state, local, tourist & contract carriage permits. It as well renews the grants mentioned in this section.

Traffic Rules

RTO Puducherry is in control of implementing the traffic rules & regulations prescribed under The Motor Vehicles Act. It as well monitors traffic offences and takes essential steps to improve road safety.

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Pondicherry RTO code list

Location RTO Code
Pondicherry RTO PY-01
Karaikal RTO PY-02
Mahe RTO PY-03
Yanam RTO PY-04


RTO Fees in Pondicherry

Mention to the following tables for RTO fees in Puducherry for different services.

Driving Licence Fees

Here’re the fees for services related to Driving Licences at Puducherry RTOs.

Types of Services Fee (Rs.)
Issuing or renewing Learner’s Licence (LL) for each class of vehicles 45
New Driving Licence (DL) 200
Driving Test 50
Renewal of DL 250
Driving School Licence (Issue/Renewal) 2500
Duplicate Licence for Driving School 2500
Duplicate Driving Licence 50
Badge 50
Conductor Licence 10
Renewal of Conductor Licence 8
Duplicate Licence for Conductor 10
Badge 10
Change of Address (Other State) 10
Change of Address (Home State) 50

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Pondicherry RTO Registration Charges

Here’re the fees (in Rs.) for registering different kinds of vehicles at Puducherry RTOs.

Purpose Bikes LMV MMV HMV
Trade Certificate 50 200 200 200
Duplicate Trade Certificate 30 100 100 100
Issue of RC/Renewal/Re-Registration 60 300 400 600
Duplicate RC 30 100 200 300
Transfer of Ownership 30 100 200 300
Change of Address 20 20 20 20
Alteration to the RC 50 50 50 50
Hypothecation 100 100 100 100

Fitness Certificate (FC) Charges

Type of Service Bikes LMV MMV HMV
Issue 100 200 300 400
Issue Letter of Authority (LoA) Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others
Duplicate LoA Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others Rs. 5000 for others
A duplicate copy of LoA 2 2 2

Permit Charges (Commercial Vehicles)

Types of Vehicle Permit Fee (INR)
Stage Carriers 3000
Contract Maxi Cab 1000
Contract Omni LMV 1000
Contract Omni MMV 2000
Omni HMV 3000
South Zone Tourist Taxi 200 + 100 (Caution deposit)
Ordinary Tourist Taxi 500
Autorickshaw 500
Goods Carriages 2000
South Zone Motor Cab 1000
South Zone Omnibus (LMV) 3000
South Zone Omnibus (MMV) 3000
Zone Omnibus (HMV) 3000
Private Service Vehicles 2000
Temporary Permit 100
Special Permit Up to 7 Days ‒ 100; More than 7 Days ‒ 150
Replacement of Vehicle in Permit 500 (1000 for any variation in seating capacity or laden weight)
Renewal of Permit 50% of the fees prescribed for issue of grant
Transfer of Permit
Surrender of Permit 50
Duplicate Permit 100


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which city is py 05 in?


Which state vehicle code is py?

The address of Pondicherry Regional Transport Office in Puducherry which is indicated by registration plate PY-01 is here.

Is Pondicherry tax free?

The Main Thing we come to know about that city is that it is tax free.

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