Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal Timings: When & How To Visit?

Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal – The “1000 of Pillar Temple” is a big example of architectural brilliance, this shrine isn’t just a simple shrine even this temple is mentioning as the most beautiful shrine in India. This shrine has visited by many peoples & architecture devotees each day. The Main attraction of this shrine is its structural beauty, you’re impressed by the architectural walls & design. So Rudra Deva is a person who constructed this temple in the 12th century for the god of “Lord Shiva”.

Normally, you can see the architectural touch of Chalukyan Temples, because of the temple’s pride of many appealingly carved pillars. You can see the rock-cut elephant sculpture, a huge monolith of Nandi (Lord Shiva’s divine vehicle) & complex carvings in this shrine. Presently, the management of this shrine is controlled by the Archaeological Survey of India. If you’re creating a plan to visit this temple but do not know entry timings, this writing will be useful for you.

Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal

Many peoples want to visit the most beautiful pilgrimage location that is name is “1000 Pillar Temple”. This is a very famous earliest shrine situated in the small town named Hanamakonda in the vibrant state of TN. Each day many people seek this beautiful temple for architectural style. The entire shrine is based on one 1000 pillars & some of the region is part of adjacent pillars. If you’re as well making a plan to visit this greatest shrine but do not know the right time to visit this temple. So here we provide the 1000 Pillar Temple Warangal Timings together with the best time to visit by this post beneath.

Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal

Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal Details

Article Topic Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal
Temple Rudreswara Temple or Veyisthambala Gudi (1000 Pillars Temple)
Year 2024
Architecture Style Kakatiya Vishwakarma Sthapathis
Located in Hanamkonda-Warangal Highway in Telangana State
Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu & Surya.
Entry Fees Free for Everyone
Category Trending

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Many Hindu shrine were made under the patronage of Ganapati Deva, Rudrama Devi & Prataparudra who were of Kakatiya dynasty. The 1000 Pillar Temple was faith to construct during the period between 1175–1324 CE by order of the king, Rudra Deva. The Executive officer of the subject temple is P.Venugopal Gr-II he has brought lot of alteration in administration & development of temple.

It was profane by the Tughlaq dynasty during their invasion of the Deccan. But, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, (Mir Osman Ali Khan) donated a allow of 1 Lakh INR towards the reconstruction of this shrine.

1000 Pillar Temple Warangal Timings

There’re many people still confused regarding the Entry timing of the Thousand Pillar Temple. The shrine is always open for each season & month. You can check out the 1000 Pillar Temple Timings for visiting –

Day Temple Darshan Timings
Mon to Sun 05:00 to 21:00

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Rudreswara Temple locally popular as Veyisthambala Gudi (Thousand pillars shrine) is one of the fine & earliest available sample of Kakatiya art, architecture & sculpture. It was constructing by Rudra Deva & named after him as ‘Sri Rudreswara Swamy shrine with the chair god as Rudreswara, in 1163 AD in the style of later Chalukyan & early Kakatiyan Architecture, star-shaped & triple shrined (Trikutalaya). The shrine is a fine specimen of architecture & sculpture with 1000 pillars.

There’re opulently carved pillars, perforated screens, exquisite icons, rock cut elephants & the monolithic dolerite Nandi as part of the temple. Strengthening of foundations such as sandbox technique, the skill of Kakatiya sculptors is obvious in adroit craftsmanship & flawless ivory carving technique in their art. The creativity of Kakatiya sculptors is visible in likes of lathe turned & glossy polish in dolerite & granite stone sculpture & craftwork of Nava Rangamandapa.

The temple was rebuilt in 2004 by the Government of India. Archaeological Survey of India & modern engineers have functioning for the temple’s further modernization.

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The nearest railway station is Warangal railway station, which is 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) away from the temple. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to this temple.

When & How to Visit Thousand Pillar Temple Warangal?

Usually, the summer season starts in March & lasts till June, when the monsoon season officially commence. October celebrates the commencing of a dry winter that lasts till February. One of the 11 cities selected under the “Heritage City Development & Augmentation Yojana” is Warangal. You may come here at any time of year. You may create plans to visit this place with your loved ones at any time of the year & make treasured memories.

So you can visit the 1000 Pillar Temple this season with your family & friends. Let us see the most notable question is “How to Visit 1000 Pillar Temple”? The temple is situating at the Warangal-Hyderabad, Rd, Brahmanawada, Hanamkonda, TN. All the peoples & tourists do not require to pay any type of ticket cost, so you can simply get the entry fee for visiting this location. You can visit this temple between 5:00 AM & closes at 9:00 PM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Speciality of 1000 Pillar temple?

Currently under the maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India, Thousand Pillar Temple is known for intricately carved pillars. A massive sculpture of Nandi, carved out of a single rock, is another attraction of this temple. Rock cut elephants and exquisite engravings at the temple are also worth noticing.

When should I go to Thousand Pillar Temple?

Timing: The thousand pillar temple opens at 5:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. Best Time to Visit: This place can be visited all over the year. You can plan for coming to this place with your loved ones any time of the year and take away memories worth cherishing.

Who destroyed 1000 Pillar temple?

The Tughlaq dynasty of Turkic origin destroyed the Thousand pillar temple during their invasion of South India. It stayed in bad shape for a few years with fallen out columns, broken roofs, and broken statues. In 2004, the temple was renovated by the Government of India.

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