Srisailam Sparsha Darshan Tickets Online Booking, Abhishekam Ticket Price, Timings

Srisailam Sparsha Darshan – You might not know but the Srisailam Temple is the only temple in the globe that holds lord Shiva’s Jyotirlinga form & Devi Parvati’s Shakti Rupam. Hence, this shrine clasp a particular value for the worshipper & the devotees. The temple offers many services to devotees as well as the Sparsha Darshan & Pooja. All you’ve to do is to book your Sparsha Darshan tickets & visit the temple properly. So let us talk about the online booking way & timing information.

Srisailam Sparsha Darshan

The Srisailam temple is one of the most significant shrines of lord Shiva. It clasp specific worth among the pilgrims. The shrines contains the linga Swaroop of lord Mallikarjun Swamy. So it attracts a vast throng of pilgrims. The shrine gives Darshan services such as Atiseeghra Darshan, Seeghra Darshan, Sparsha Darshan, etc.

Besides Darshan Seva’s shrine offers services such as Pratyksha Seva, Paroskha Seva, etc. In this post, we’re going to talk about one such Seva i.e. Sparsha Darshan. We’ll talk about the Srisailam Sparsha Darshan Tickets Online Booking together with Abhishekam Ticket cost & Timings.

Srisailam Sparsha Darshan


Srisailam Sparsha Darshan Highlight

Article ForSrisailam Sparsha Darshan
DeityShiva, Parvati
FestivalsMaha Shivaratri
StateAndhra Pradesh

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Abhishekam Timings & Ticket Prices

After booking your ticket you must curious regarding other information such as the timing of the Srisailam Sparsha Darshan. Some of you should be looking for the ticket cost before you plan to book the tickets. So the wait is finishing, we’re here with all those information. The timing for the Sparsha Darshana is in 2 parts. In the morning from 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM & in the evening from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Glance at the following chart to get the cost information.

EventTicket PriceTimings
Seegra Darshan150 rupees6:00 AM to 3:30 PM

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Athi Seegra Darshan300 rupees6:00 AM to 3:30 PM

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Sparsha Darshan500 rupees6:00 AM to 3:30 PM

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Rituals at Mallikarjuna Temple

The Mallikarjuna Temple brag a rich tapestry of rituals that have carried out for centuries, giving out to its cultural & religious heritage. These rituals not only hold deep spiritual importance but as well make a sense of community among the worshippers.


  • The day at the Mallikarjuna Temple often starts with the chanting of Suprabhatam, a hymn praising Lord Shiva.
  • Worshippers get to take part in this early morning ritual, making a positive & devotional air.


  • Abhishekam is the formal bathing of the major god, Lord Mallikarjuna, with many good substances such as milk, honey, curd, ghee & water.
  • This ritual is organizing with great devotion & is trust to clean the icon & confer on blessings upon the devotees.

Alankara (Decoration)

  • The icon of Lord Mallikarjuna is decorating with detailed decorations during particular times of the day.
  • The alankara adds a visual grandeur to the temple & each ornament has representative importance.


  • This is a powerful & complicated ritual where the Shiva Linga is rub with oil with a mixture of different rosy items.
  • Pilgrims faith that organizing Rudrabhishekam brings wealth, peace & discards barrier.

Maha Shivaratri Celebrations

  • Maha Shivaratri, the big night of Lord Shiva, is marking with great fervor at the Mallikarjuna Temple.
  • Visitors mark fasts, take part in night-long vigils & capture in special rituals to mark Lord Shiva on this favourable event.


  • The formal raise of the temple flag, popular as Dhwajarohanam, celebrates the starting of main events.
  • It representatives the starting of the godly events & is a moment of great joy for the visitors.

Deepotsavam (Festival of Lights)

  • Deepotsavam require lighting a multitude of lamps in & around the temple building.
  • The sparkle lights make a mesmerizing air & are faith to banish darkness, both literal & symbolic.

Nitya Kalyanotsavam

  • The Nitya Kalyanotsavam is a daily custom where the god is wed to Goddess Bhramaramba.
  • This representative marriage is thinking about promising & is faith to bring blessings for a harmonious & blissful life.

Pradosha Puja

  • Pradosha is a lucky time devoted to Lord Shiva & is honoring two-time in a month.
  • Special pujas are performing during this time & visitors faith that revering Lord Shiva during Pradosha brings vast inner welfares.


  • The temple is popular for its Annadanam program, where free meals are offering to visitors.
  • This titled tradition is thinking about a form of selfless service & is an integral part of the temple’s dedication to community benefit.

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Srisailam Sparsha Darshan Tickets Online Booking

To book your Srisailam Sparsha Darshan tickets there’re 2 methods. One is that you can directly visit the temple & then book your offline ticket from the counter. But those who do not want to stand in line can book the tickets online too.

To book your Sparsha Darshan Ticket online follow the beneath steps –

  1. At first go to the official web page of the temple.
  2. After that you’ll have to register yourself by giving your phone number & an OTP.
  3. After registration, you’ll direct to the home page.
  4. Then there search & tap on the option of Online Booking.
  5. Next, you’ll see three different Darshan Options. Tap on the Sparsha Darshan.
  6. Now fill out all the credentials required then pay the fee.
  7. Finally, tap submit button. Do not forget to take a hard copy of your receipt.

Contact Details

After all this detail if you still have any questions then we’re offering the contact detail of the temple authorities. In case you face any bother during or after your ticket booking do not delay to reach out.

Temple Authorities+91-8333901351 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6
Email Id[email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sparsha Darshan in Srisailam?

Executive officer of Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy temple S Lavanna said the decision to give the large number of devotees coming from outside the State during the festival season a chance to have Sparsha Darshan (Touching the Shiva idol during darshan). The devotees will be charged Rs 500 for it.

Can we touch Lingam in Srisailam?

The main temple has sivalingam (as of all Siva temples). The most important feature is that one can touch and prostrate and touch forehead to the Lingam. If one takes Abhishekam Seva (costing Rs 5K), then couple are allowed inside the inner sanctum and will be allowed to do abhishekam and touch and do all the sevas.

Which darshan is good in Srisailam?

The Mallikarjuna Temple, located in the town of Srisailam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most revered and ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

What is the time of Sparsha Darshan in Srisailam?

The 'Sparsha Darshan' will continue to be allowed from 7 a.m. to 8.15 a.m.; 12.30 p.m. to 1.15 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. The free 'sparsha darshan' for the ordinary devotees would be allowed from Tuesday to Friday every day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and they need to report at the queue line by 1.30 p.m. on those days.

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