Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments 2024, Check Claim Eligibility & Payment Status

Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments 2024 – As of this article, Capital One Bank has already give out the payments for the deal. It is main to note that the deadline for getting these payments was November 27, 2023. But, it is pivotal to high point that nobody is permitting to create any further assert for repayment about Capital One settlement. The previous day for doing so was December 25, 2023. The total amount of the deal is a calling $190 million & every applicant will get $25,000. It is cost introducing that all imparting about the giving out of funds in the Capital One Class Action Settlement will conduct via email & overseen by Epiq. In this post, we’ll talking about Capital One Bank settlement payments for 2024.

On or before November 27, 2023, person had to admit a complete assert form together with their personal ID & the unique Identity Number needed for filing. There’re 2 payment choice available: paper checks or electronic payment by EpiqPay. The deal cure covers monetary repayment for real losses, credit observing, protection opposed to identity theft & help in deal with false venture. If you occur to be qualified for a deal, it is probable that you’ve got an email from [email protected]. In that email, you should search your 1st & last names together with an approximate amount that would repay for the harm caused by the breaking.

Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments 2024

If you’ve any query regarding the agreement, please do not pause to reach out to the Settlement Administrator at info or provide them a call at 1-855-604-1811. They’ll together with satisfy to help you & give explanation on any worry you may have. For each detail, you require to go to the official web page of Capital One Bank Settlement at In July 2019, a cybercriminal directed to invade the responsive to detail of just around 98 million person in the United States of America & Canada who had either applied for or owned Capital One credit cards. Beneath is the detail table that will provide you a short plan on the Capital One Bank Settlement Payments for 2024.

Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments

Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments 2024 Overview

Article Name Capital One Bank Sending Settlement Payments
Settlement Payments Year 2024
Countries Canada & United States of America
Payment Date 28th September 2023
Deadline Date 27th November 2023
Payment Amount (USD) 25,000 per person
Total Settlement Amount (USD) $190 million
Payment Method Online
Payment Method App/Web Digital payment (EpiqPay) or Paper check
Settlement Relief Cash Payments (Out-of-pocket Losses), Credit Tracking, Theft Protection, etc.
Settlement Administrator Epiq Company
EpiqPay Email Sender’s Mail ID [email protected]
Helpline Email ID [email protected]
Category Trending
Official Website (Capital One)

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Who is Eligible for the Capital One Settlement?

As of December 25, 2023, the deadline for maintaining eligibility for the Capital One settlement has proceed. So, person are no longer allowed to submit repayment assert. But, you might unmoving be odd regarding the eligibility criteria for reference or to know the range of the deal. Here is who qualified as acceptable members of the Settlement Class:

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Eligible for Claiming Lost Time and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  • Person living in the US whose unique detail was gaining in the Capital One facts breach that happened in 2019, as recognized by Capital One. This comprise names, addresses, Social Security numbers & bank account numbers.
  • Person who got a notice notifying them of their likely eligibility for the deal.
  • Person who filed a valid & timely assert before the November 27, 2023 deadline.

Eligible for Free Restoration Services

All candidates of the Settlement Class, anyway of if they filed a assert for Lost Time or Out-of-Pocket Expenses, will get credit observing, identity theft protection & fraud intention help.

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Excluded from the Settlement

  • Officers & directors of Capital One & Amazon.
  • The presiding judge & any judicial staff associated with in the legal action.
  • Any Class Member who timely & validly opted out of the deal.

How to File a Claim for the Capital One Settlement?

Sadly, the deadline to file an assert for the Capital One settlement has proceed. The deadline for admitting asserts was November 27, 2023. If you’ve not already admitted n assert & missed the deadline, you can take no further work to get repayment by this deal.

But, the deal still gives way in to free Restoration Services for all candidates of the Settlement Class. Anyway of if they filed an assert for Lost Time & Out-of-Pocket Expenses. These act of assistance comprise credit observing, identity theft protection & fraud resolution help.

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Capital One Settlement Per Person Payout

Capital One has announced its dedication to repay applicant, providing $25,000 per individual. The total deal amount is $190 million. The giving out of funds in the Capital One Class Action Settlement will be directed by Epiq Pay & all reporting about these payments will conduct via email. This careful method guarantees that applicants are notifying & that the giving out is fixed & methodical.

Person pretentious by the breaking will get funds to cover cost related to the event. Like label fraud charges, cost follow from identity theft & fees related increasing data security. Moreover, person can assert repayment for the time lost due to the breaking. With an amount of just around $25 per hour for till 15 hours. This repayment is intending to assistance reduce any trouble give rise to by the breach.

Capital One’s undertaking to repay applicants isn’t just a monetary help. But as well a means of identifying & addressing the struggling those affected by the security breach face. This all-encircle settlement deals with numerous worry. And guarantees that person get fair & suitable repayment for the breach’s crash on their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries will the Capital One Bank Settlement Payment be given?

The Capital One Bank Settlement Payment will be given in Canada and the United States of America.

What is the official email ID of Capital One Bank?

The official email ID of Capital One Bank is [email protected].

When was the Capital One Bank settlement payment date?

The Capital One Bank settlement payment date was September 28, 2024.

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