BTS Members Age 2023, What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members? Zodiac Signs, Current Age

BTS Members Age: By closely observing the conversations among BTS members, we can discern distinct characteristics exhibited by the older and younger members. The younger members tend to be the most vibrant and active, whereas the older members exude a sense of coolness and tranquility. As of January 2023, BTS’s oldest member, Jin, will turn 30, while the youngest member, Jungkook, will be 25 years old. With the arrival of the Korean era in 2023, Jin will be the first member to officially embark on his thirties as he witnesses the first sunrise of the year. Let’s explore the actual ages of all BTS members in ascending order, along with their ages in 2023.

BTS Members Ages 2023

If you’re an active social media user and enjoy watching Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, chances are you’ve come across videos featuring the members of BTS at some point. BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean music group consisting of seven members who have captured the hearts of many. Their captivating choreography and remarkable soundtracks have gained them a dedicated fan base, particularly among music and band enthusiasts. Due to their immense popularity, numerous fans search for the birthdays of BTS members on the internet.

BTS Members age

The global phenomenon known as BTS has garnered an immense following and achieved unparalleled success as a band. With millions of dedicated fans worldwide, BTS continues to captivate audiences across the globe. For those curious about the ages of BTS members in 2023, here is the updated information. BTS, a notable and highly successful K-pop boy band, has been nurtured and supported by their fandom, known as the BTS Army. The Army eagerly awaits updates on the ages of BTS members in 2023. By staying informed about the age of their favorite BTS singers, fans can maintain a closer connection with the band. Below are the ages of BTS members in 2023, accompanied by their respective dates of birth.

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What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members?

BTS Members Date Of Birth Current Age
Jin December 04, 1992 30 years
Suga March 09, 1993 29 years
J-Hope February 18, 1994 28 years
RM September 12, 1994 28 years
Jimin October 13, 1995 27 years
V December 30, 1995 26 years
Jungkook September 01, 1997 25 years

BTS Members Birthday Date and Age in 2023

The BTS members have different dates of birth, resulting in a range of current ages. Jin, born on December 04, 1992, is currently 30 years old. Suga, born on March 09, 1993, is 29 years old. J-Hope, born on February 18, 1994, and RM, born on September 12, 1994, are both 28 years old. Jimin, born on October 13, 1995, and V, born on December 30, 1995, are currently 26 years old. The youngest member, Jungkook, was born on September 01, 1997, and is currently 25 years old. These diverse ages add to the unique dynamics and experiences of the BTS members as they continue to captivate the hearts of their fans worldwide.



Do you still need to know about Jin’s birthday from BTS? Jin was born on December 4, 1992, making him 30 years old. He is known for his humorous nature and is considered one of the funniest members of the BTS group. As a Sagittarius, Jin possesses a friendly and charming personality, which is characteristic of this zodiac sign. He is associated with the planet Jupiter and exhibits an outspoken, energetic, and curious demeanor. Jin has a passion for traveling and enjoys exploring various philosophies and cultures. He embraces his dreams without limitations and has also displayed his talent as an actor. Notably, Jin recently embarked on a venture by opening a Japanese-style restaurant in South Korea alongside his brother.

Jin Biography Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Sister, Mixtape



The enigmatic BTS member celebrating his birthday on March 9th is none other than Suga. Born in 1993, he is currently 29 years old, although his performances showcase maturity beyond his years. Suga not only contributes to BTS as a leader but also maintains a successful solo artist career. With his zodiac sign being Pisces, Suga possesses remarkable qualities such as open-mindedness, empathy, and sensitivity. His philanthropic nature is evident through his donation of $88,000 and 329 BT21 Shuki dolls to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation on his birthday. Suga is also known as a prejudice breaker, consistently expressing concern for the mental health and well-being of young individuals.

Suga Biography Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Sister, Mixtape



Certainly! The memorable lyrics “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope” are well-known among BTS fans. J-Hope, born on February 18, 1994, is currently 26 years old. As an Aquarius, the zodiac sign aligns perfectly with J-Hope’s exuberant personality. Known for his incredible dancing skills, J-Hope also possesses a nerdy and lively side. His talent and potential were recognized when he emerged victorious in a national dance contest. J-Hope’s nature is characterized by extreme positivity and helpfulness. He embodies a unique combination of traits, including a distinctive personality, remarkable abilities, intelligence, and a balanced temperament.

J-Hope (BTS) Biography Wiki, Age, height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Sister, Mixtape



Kim Namjoon, widely known as RM, was born on September 12, 1994, during the autumn season. As a member of the Virgo zodiac sign, RM exhibits the traits typically associated with this sign. Virgos have a keen sense of discernment and pay great attention to speech and writing, which is evident in RM’s impressive rap bars. At the age of 26, RM serves as BTS’s primary translator, often representing the group in interviews with English-speaking interviewers. Beyond BTS, RM’s language skills have garnered admiration from others, including non-BTS members who express a desire to study with him. As the group’s leader, RM has been an integral part of BTS since its inception.

RM (BTS) Biography Wiki, Age, Height, Sister, Girlfriend, Mixtape, Net Worth



If you’re interested in BTS member Jimin’s birthday details, he celebrates his birthday on October 13th. Born in 1995, Jimin is a 27-year-old Libra. As a Libra, he is influenced by Venus, which grants him noble qualities, elegance, and a charming demeanor. Venus is associated with art and beauty, and Jimin’s contemporary dance moves perfectly showcase these qualities. His dancing skills have captivated the hearts of many fans.

Beyond his talent, Jimin also possesses a soft and compassionate side. This can be seen through his generous donation of $88,000 to provide uniforms for schools. He has also personally signed copies of albums, showing his support and connection with his fans. Moreover, Jimin has extended his support to students from low-income families in the Busan Education Department, exemplifying his caring nature and desire to make a positive impact.

Jimin (BTS) Biography Wiki, Height, Sister, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Mixtape



The popular name Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V, was born on December 30, 1995, making him a 27-year-old Capricorn. V’s zodiac sign is reflected in his character and behavior, showcasing the distinct traits of a Capricorn. He possesses a charismatic personality and demonstrates a strong work ethic. V is not only an accomplished artist but also harbors aspirations of becoming an actor. Kim Tae-Hyung serves as a role model for many individuals, including notable figures like Jaehyun and Byun Hyun-min. He exhibits a clear understanding of his goals and is known for his diligent work ethic. V’s unique voice adds a special touch to his overall appearance. Often referred to as the mastermind of mischief, V’s mischievous nature adds an element of fun to the group dynamic.

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The birthday of Jungkook, also known as the Golden Maknae, falls on September 1st. Born in 1997, he is currently 26 years old. Like other BTS members, Jungkook is a Virgo, possessing the qualities typically associated with this zodiac sign. As the youngest member of the group, he is well-known for his hard work and dedication. Jungkook has contributed significantly to BTS with his participation in famous songs and has also directed videos for YouTube series. Notably, he directed the music video for “Life Goes On,” an album by BTS.

Jungkook (BTS) Biography Wiki, Family, Age, Career, Girlfriends, Net Worth & Mixtape

In live performances, he showcased his talent by playing the drums during the widely acclaimed song “Dynamite.” Before joining BTS, Jungkook attracted the attention of various entertainment companies, but ultimately decided to join Big Hit Entertainment after meeting RM, solidifying his place in the band.

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BTS Members Age 2023 FAQs

Who is the oldest BTS member?

Jin, who is 30 years old, is the oldest BTS member in the band.

Who is the Youngest BTS Member?

Jungkook is the youngest member in BTS.

Which is the most common zodiac sign in BTS members?

Virgo is the most common zodiac sign among BTS members. RM and Jungkook share the Virgo zodiac sign.

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