101+ Fruits Names, List Of A Fruits Name In Hindi & English

101+ Fruits Names – Fruits are a vital portion of our cuisine & culture & should play a big part in our children’s food choices. They can be eaten raw, or utilized in desserts, smoothies & salads, and are as well most valued in different religious ceremonies & rituals. But, understanding the most common fruit names in both languages can be extremely useful for learning the English language.

101+ Fruits Names

Fruits are engrossing gifts of mother nature & they come in all shapes & sizes. They are familiar for their great taste & flavour, and every and everybody surely has a favourite fruit. What a great way of learning! It is most interesting to know a lot regarding a fruits name in Hindi & English!

As kids are especially drawn to fruits, they are truly a great topic for education & new ways of learning! In this post, we’ll present 101+ common fruits & their names and their interesting features, which are perfect for teaching kids Hindi & English with the assist of everyday’s fruits!

101+ Fruits Names

101+ Fruits Names Details

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Importance of Knowing Fruit Names

Many of you might awe why children should learn the names of fruits. Understanding regarding various fruits assist them make an enhance vocabulary of fruits. Additionally, receiving close with the names of various fruits assists them grasp the utilizes of the many fruits. This would, in turn, aid in learning the different welfare of the many foreign fruits obtainable all over the globe & not just the regular fruits one sees in the nation they reside in.

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Different Types of Fruits

From amid the number of fruits obtainable in the many parts of the world, there’re some fruits which can be put under many categories, namely,

  • Citrus fruits/Subtropical fruits
  • Tropical fruits
  • Yellow fruits
  • Green fruits

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List of Citrus Fruit Names

Citrus fruits are frequently get bigger in subtropical areas. These fruits are popular to be a rich source of vitamin C, carbohydrates, fibre, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Here is a catalogue of citrus fruits for your good word.

Orange Blood orange
Lemon Kaffir lime
Sweet lime Pomelo
Tangerine Sudachi
Ugli fruit Yuzu fruit
Tangelo Kumquat
Mandarin orange Grapefruit

List of Tropical Fruit Names

Tropical fruits are those fruits that are grown under hot & humid weather conditions. These fruits are found in regions within the Tropic of Cancer & the Tropic of Capricorn. Here is a catalogue of a few very common tropical fruit names for you.

Ackee Longan
Avocado Lychee
Banana Mango
Carambola Mangosteen
Coconut Muskmelon
Custard apple Papaya
Dragon fruit Passion fruit
Durian Persimmon
Fig Pineapple
Grapes Pomegranate
Gooseberries Rambutan
Guava Rose apple
Jackfruit Star apple
Kiwi Watermelon

List of Yellow Fruit Names

All the fruits that are yellow on the outer & those that have a yellow pulp inside come under yellow fruits.

Banana Pineapple
Mango Yellow pear
Papaya Egg fruit
Guava Jackfruit
Must melon Canary melon
Durian Yellow peach
Grapes Yellow watermelon
Pomelo Yellow dragon fruit
Yellow apple Yellow plum/Lemon plum
Golden kiwi Husk cherry
Passion fruit Yellow fig
Quince Cantaloupe/Sweet melon/Rock melon

List of Green Fruit Names

Just like yellow fruits, green fruits are those fruits that are green on the outer or have a green pulp inside. Here’re some of the fruits which can grouped as green fruits.

Green apple Breadfruit
Avocado Durian
Green grapes Jackfruit
Pear Sugar apple/Custard apple
Green gooseberry Marang
Kiwi fruit Guava
Honeydew melon Jocote
Pomelo Star fruit
Soursop Feijoa
True medlar/Greengage plum Chempedak
Ugli fruit Noni fruit
Osage orange Chayote

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List of Fruit Names

Apple Banana Apricot Atemoya
Avocados Blueberry Blackcurrant Ackee
Cranberry Cantaloupe Cherry Black sapote/Chocolate pudding fruit
Dragonfruit Dates Cherimoya Buddha’s hand fruit
Finger lime Fig Coconut Cape gooseberry/Inca berry/Physalis
Grapefruit Gooseberries Custard apple/Sugar apple/Sweetsop Chempedak
Hazelnut Honeyberries Dragon fruit Durian
Horned melon Hog plum Egg fruit Feijoa/Pineapple guava/Guavasteen
Indian fig Ice apple Guava Fuyu Persimmon
Jackfruit Jujube Honeydew melon Jenipapo
Kiwi Kabosu Kiwano Kaffir lime/Makrut lime
Lime Lychee Longan Langsat
Mango Mulberry Pear Lucuma
Muskmelon Naranjilla Passion fruit Mangosteen
Nectarine Nance Quince Medlar fruit
Olive Oranges Ramphal Mouse melon
Papaya Peach Rose apple/Water apple Noni fruit
Pomegranate Pineapple Rambutan Snake fruit/Salak
Raspberries Strawberries Starfruit/Carambola Soursop
Tangerine Watermelon Sapota Star apple


Final Word

Fruits are a vital part of our diet, offering us with necessary nutrients & fiber. They come in a variety of colors, shapes & flavors, creating them not only healthy but as well mouth-watering. Fruits have enjoyed by humans for many of years &  their medicinal things have played a significant role in traditional medicine. Thus, if you’re snacking on a piece of fruit or include it into a recipe, take a moment to value the health welfare & mouth-watering taste of this vital food category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 10 fruit name?

These are the 10 easy-to-pronounce fruits in our English name list: Apple, Banana, Mango, Grapes, Papaya, Coconut, Guava, Orange, Pineapple & Watermelon.

Which fruits start with I in English?

These English fruit names start with I: Ice Apple (a Litchie like fruit) Icaco (also called Paradise Plum), Indian Plum, Indian Gooseberry, and Indian Strawberry.

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