Ramadan Calendar 2023, Ramadan Prayer, Sehar & Iftar Time Table

Ramadan Calendar 2023, Ramadan Prayer, Sehar & Iftar Time Table: In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information related to the Ramadan Calender of this session. whereas Starting on the 23rd walk, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan 2023 will begin. All Muslims worldwide shall refrain from food and other such items from March 23 to April 21, 2023.

Every Muslim in the world will now observe this event and take all necessary safety measures. So that you can understand the importance of each day, we have developed the Ramadan calendar for 2023. The first day of Ramadan in 2023 is March 23, but depending on your time zone, this date may change. You should keep fasting as directed and then pray in accordance with the Ramadan 2023 Prayer hour. For more information, you should read the complete article.

Ramadan Calendar 2023

According to the iftar Time for Ramadan 2023, which is provided for each post here, you may break your fast at that time. There are still 11 days left in Ramadan until this month officially starts. The last day of Ramadan is expected to occur on April 21, 2023. From April 21 to April 22, Eid will be observed on this day. You should be aware that Ramadan will start when this weekend and that it will last from Wednesday, March 23, to Wednesday, April 21, 2023, for all Muslims worldwide. Also, you should be aware that Muslims all across the world observe fasting throughout this full month before paying Allah for blessings. You can view the events from Day 1 to the Day of Eid by downloading the Ramadan schedule for 2023. You need to be quick throughout the entire month, refrain from using tobacco, refrain from having sexual relations, and follow all the rules. To know more information regarding Ramadan Calendar 2023. So, keep reading this article thoroughly.

Muslims place a lot of importance on this day because of Muhammad’s most remarkable revelation. Given that the entire information regarding the Ramadan 2023 Time Table may be obtained from his page, you are on the proper page. Given that the Iftar hours will vary every day, quick takers should follow them to avoid disobeying the rules. You should prepare yourself because Ramadan still has a lot of days left.

Ramadan Calendar 2023, Ramadan Prayer, Sehar & Iftar Time Table

Overview Table Of Ramadan Calendar 2023

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What is Ramadan?

Muslims fast from Sunrise to sunset for about 30 days during the 10h months of the Islamic lunar calendar, which is known as Ramadan. The Lunar calendar is based on the monthly cycles of the lunar phases. Muslims hold that in the seventh century, during the sacred month of Ramadan, the angel Gabriel gave the Holy Quran to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The final ten days of Ramadan are seen to be the holiest.

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The “Night of Strength” also known as Laylat Al Qadr, is regarded as the most sacred night of the year. Muslims who observe Ramadan abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and many more. Most Muslims spend their time in prayer, charitable giving, and self-purification. During Ramadan, Workweeks are often shortened in Muslim countries to allow for more time for prayer. The workday is two hours shorter in the United Arab Emirates. Employees in the public sector typically work from 9 am to 2 pm.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 TimeTable

City Sehr Iftar
Lahore 4: 53 AM 6: 12 PM
Karachi 5: 26 AM 6: 41 PM
Islamabad 4: 57 AM 6: 18 PM
Makkah 5: 14 AM 6: 32 PM
Kabul 4: 42 AM 6: 07 PM
Jakarta 4: 43 AM 6: 10 PM
Tehran 4: 52 AM 6: 16 PM
London 4: 39 AM 6: 05 PM
New York 5: 55 AM 7: 02 PM
Alexandria 6: 08 AM 7: 14 PM
Dhaka 4: 53 AM 6: 07 PM
Chittagong 4: 48 AM 6: 02 PM
Mumbai 5: 35 AM 6: 48 PM
Ankara 5: 30 AM 7: 06 PM
Cape town 5: 21 AM 7: 07 PM
Baghdad 4: 42 AM 6: 10 PM
Cairo 4: 40 AM 6: 03 PM
Kuala Lumpur 6: 13 AM 7: 27 PM
Istanbul 5: 44 AM 7: 17 PM
Delhi 5: 14 AM 6: 31 PM

Why is Ramadan Considered Holy?

For Muslims, Ramadan commemorates the month in which the prophet Muhammad received the first verse of Islam’s holy book, The Quran, more than 1400 years ago. Muslims begin their fasting each day throughout this month with the fajr prayer and end it with the sunset prayer.

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For Muslims all over the world, the end of Ramadan is a time for reflection and celebrations. Muslims dedicate themselves to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Ramadan. Many Muslims participate in the festivities at the conclusion of the month, such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, to remember those who died during the holy month. Along with celebrating these special days, lots of people also spend time with friends and family at this time of year, gathering to eat, create memories, and pray.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours to fast in Ramadan 2023?

The average fasting hours in the above cities are just shy of 11 to 12 hours.

How many Roza are there in Ramadan 2023?

Assuming that Ramadan in 2023 lasts for 30 days, Eid ul Fitr will most certainly fall on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

Which country has the longest Roza?

Iceland often observes the longest Ramadan fast. The longest days and shortest nights are found in the country of the midnight sun, particularly in the summer. This may prove to be a challenging test of faith for Iceland’s Small Muslim minority.

Why do Muslims fast?

Ramadan fasting is significant because it enables Muslims to devote themselves to their religion and deepen their relationship with Allah, or God. One of Islam’s Five Pillars, which serves as the cornerstone of Muslim life is fasting.

What can I drink during fasting?

In a technical sense, breaking a fast involves consuming calories. This means that drinking water and black, unsweetened coffee or tea is often regarded as acceptable.

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