Pongal 2024 Festival Date, Significance, Story & Importance of Pongal

Pongal 2024: Pongal is one of the significant festivals of South India, primarily celebrated in Tamil Nadu. In other regions of India, it is famous and called Makar Sankranti. Pongal Festival is a delightful festival marked by all Indians nowadays. Pongal is a 04-day harvest festival at the time of the solar equinox and is celebrated on the 15th of January. In Tamilnadu state, it is also called Thai Pongal, and the whole duration is called Uttarayanam. It is a festival of four days.

Pongal 2024

Thai Pongal is celebrated as the most significant harvest festival in Tamil Nadu state. It marks the blessings of the Sun God, that sign of a good harvest and fortune in life. It emanates its name from the special sweet dish composed on this day to be provided to the God of worship. Pongal is celebrated in the Tamil calendar Thai month.

It is a 04-day long festival that starts on the previous day of the month of Margazhi and lasts on the third day of Thai. As per the Gregorian calendar, it falls between the 13 to 16th of January every year.

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Pongal Festival 2024 – Overview

Name of FestivalPongal
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Story behind Pongal

The most well-known story behind Pongal is that Lord Krishna lived in Gokula. Lord Indra, the God of rains, drowned Gokula out of rage. Lord Krishna protected the individuals of the village by stealing the massive Govardhana Mountain on his small finger. Eventually, Lord Indra sought redemption and forgiveness wealth for the individuals of Gokula.

Another story is of Nandi, the famous bull of Lord Shiva. When the deity asked Nandi to visit the earth and preach that individuals on the planet should eat only once a month and have a bath every day. But Nandi accomplished just the negative. He disseminated the message that ‘humans should eat every day and take a bath only once a month. This left Lord Shiva angered, and he ordered Nandi to stay on Earth and assist humans in reaping a crop so they could consume enough meals daily.

Thai Pongal 2024 Date and Time

According to the Tamilnadu Calendar, the Pongal days will coordinate with the Tamil year Margazhi to the third day of the Tamil month Thai.

Pongal Date and Time

Thai Pongal starting date: Sunday, Jan 15, 2024,
Thai Pongal Sankranti Timing: 08:57 PM

Significance of Pongal Festival 2024

There are several kinds of Pongal, and each day of the 04 days has significance. The first day is Bhogi Pongal, and the 2nd day, assumed to be the most momentous day of the Pongal festival, is called Thai Pongal. The third and fourth days are known as Mattu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. Pongal represents a message of allowing the old things to go out and the new things to arrive.

Importance of Pongal 2024 Four Days Festival

To know how Pongal Celebration is scheduled on many days, you can refer to the below section:

Day 1: (14 January 2024) Bhogi Pongal-Saturday,

  • The first day of the Pongal Festival is Bhogi Pongal. The Bhogi Pongal is day 1 of Pongal, and on this day, individuals pray to Lord Indra to bless the ground with rain rendering a fine harvest. On this day, homes are washed thoroughly.

Day 2: (Sunday, 15 Jan 2024) Surya Pongal/ Thai Pongal

  • As the title indicates, this day is devoted to Lord Sun, who is worshipped on this special day. Devotees provide jaggery and milk to Lord sun. This is the primary day of the four-day-long Pongal 2024 festival. Along with Sakkararai Pongal, many other foods are cooked on this day.

Day 3: (16 Jan 2024) Mattu Pongal-Monday

  • This third day of the Pongal is dedicated to cattle like bulls, cows, and other farm animals who play a substantial role in agriculture assistance. The cattle are covered up before they are prayed.

Day 4: ( 17 Jan 2024) Kaanum Pongal-Tuesday

  • Kaanum Pongal is a day devoted to peace and joy. On this day, families and friends meet each other and exchange goodies and sweets. Rangoli is drawn outside the homes as it shows signs of wealth and well-being.

About The Thai Pongal Day

On the day of the Pongal Festival, the food is cooked at sunrise in an open site. Individuals cook rice and milk together, and milk will get boiled by the individuals. Milk is permitted to spill over as this is deemed optimistic. It is fortified with cashew nuts, ghee, raisins, and jaggery when it is cooked. This dish is called Pongal, served to Lord Sun once cooked to symbolize thanking him for the harvest. The people in the house later accomplish this Pongal.

Legends Regarding Pongal Festival, One of the well-known legends about Pongal is that Lord Shiva sent his Bull Nandi to go to the Earth and tell individuals to have an oil massage and bath every day and consume once a month. Rather than this, Nandi told individuals to eat every day and have an oil bath every day once a month. Lord Shiva was furious and condemned him to live on Earth evermore. However, Pongal is celebrated as the main festival in Tamil Nadu state. It is also enjoyed in other places like Sri Lanka, Andra Pradesh, and the Maldives. As per the Tamil Solar Calendar, it falls at the beginning of the month. The title Pongal is called after the sweet dish Pongal ( Rice Kheer) served at the time of the festival. Do you require treatment for stable obstacles appearing in your life? Book Personalised Puja for the resolution.

Pongal and its Astrology

Pongal illustrates a fantastic astrology commencement as this is when the Sun moves towards the North for the subsequent 06 months. It is deemed an encouraging time in Hinduism, unlike when the Sun moves towards the South. Therefore, numerous auspicious occasions are organized at the time of this period. Are planets in your Kundali have malefic or advantages? You can collect further details related to Pongal Festival from this page. You must stay in touch with us regularly to get more updates about this festival.

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