Dry Days 2024 PDF List In India, Check All No-Liquor Days City Wise Details

Dry Days 2024 – The day or date on which the government bans the sale of alcohol in shops, clubs, bars, etc. is popular as a dry day. It can commemorate an election day or a festival. When it comes to dry days, it’s surely not something that people look forward to. It would be a shame to plan a big party only to have it cancelled because of a dry day. AS per India’s alcohol laws, Dry Days are days when bars, pubs & liquor stores can’t sell alcohol. The majority of people will undoubtedly plan their adventures for 2024, however little else will take place in the interim! Typically, dry days fall on religious holidays, national holidays & elections. The List of Dry Days in India in 2024 as a PDF file can be downloaded from this location.

We’re going to give all the details about to Dry Days 2024 in India. Whereas People do not wish alcoholic beverages during certain times, dry days are defined as periods of time when no alcoholic beverages are sold anyplace on Earth. Certain holidays, like the important national celebrations & events, like Independence day on August 15, Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 & Republic day on January 26, are involved in the dry days. For more details, you should access the complete writing.

Dry Days 2024

As per the newly sources & details, On a specific day or date that is commemorated as an Indian Festival, the government of India bans the sale of alcoholic beverages in places such as wine shops, clubs, bars & other establishments of a like nature. Additionally, the government has designated election day as a dry day, which means that on election day, wine stores and bars will be closed. Dry days are a nuisance for social collecting since they bans the sale of alcoholic beverages on the days in question.Dry Days 2024

The state government of every of India’s states has made a quality of dry-day policies, none of the less. During dry days, but, states must abide by the laws of the federal government. Indian drinkers must be interested in knowing when the following dry day is, so they requiring look for the details online. We have offered all the details about Dry Days in India involving, its information & list. So keep reading this writing till the bottom.

Details of Dry Days In India 2024

The Subject of the Discussion Dry Days In India
Publisher of dry days Government of India
Authority Excise Department
Date of publishing Dry day list January 2024
Starting of Dry days rule in India 1996
Total Dry Days in India 2024 year 18
Category Trending


The majority of India’s states marked these days on significant national holidays & celebrations plus Gandhi Jayanti (15 August) & Republic Day (2 January) (2 October). In India, dry days are as well marked for voting. The forbid on the selling of alcohol on dry days creates them a party breaker. Nobody likes to spend a lot of time planning a big celebration just to be let down by a rainy day. Yet, you’re calm able to purchase alcohol the day earlier cause of only the selling of alcoholic beverages is unlawful. The catalogue of all dry days in 2024 is offered beneath.

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List of Dry Dates In India 2024

Every state creates its own decisions about dry days, during which alcohol sales are banned in bars, hotels, and retail establishments. Each state has its own regulations. There’re days when you can not purchase alcohol in various states. Additionally, some pubs & shops aren’t granted to sell alcohol on specific days.

Dry Days In January 2024

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Dry Days in February 2024

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti: 19 February, Monday

Dry Days in March 2024

  • Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti: 5 March, Tuesday
  • Shivratri: 8 March, Friday
  • Holi: 25 March, Monday
  • Good Friday: 29 March, Friday

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Dry Days in April 2024

  • Eid ul-Fitr: 10 April, Wednesday
  • Ambedkar Jayanti: 14 April, Saturday
  • Ram Navami: 17 April, Wednesday
  • Mahavir Jayanti: 21 April, Sunday

Dry Days in May 2024

  • Maharashtra Day: 1 May, Monday

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Dry Days in July 2024

  • Muharram and Ashadi Ekadashi: 17 July, Wednesday
  • Guru Purnima: 21 July, Sunday

Dry Days in August 2024

  • Independence Day: 15 August, Wednesday
  • Janmashthami: 26 August, Monday

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Dry Days in September 2024

  • Ganesh Chaturthi: 7 September, Saturday
  • Eid-e-Milad and Anant Chaturdashi: 17 September, Tuesday

Dry Days in October 2024

  • Gandhi Jayanti: 2 October, Tuesday
  • Prohibition Week: 8 October, Monday
  • Dussehra: 12 October, Saturday
  • Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti: 17 October, Thursday

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Dry Days in November 2024

  • Diwali: 1 November, Friday
  • Kartiki Ekadashi: 12 November, Tuesday
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti: 15 November, Friday

Dry Days in December 2024

  • Christmas: 25 December, Tuesday

Dry Days List 2024 Download PDF

Underneath you have been share the immediate link to download Dry Days Rundown 2024 Pdf. You can view and download the full list of dry days in 2024 by tapping on it. Dry days are exceptional. The sale of alcoholic beverages is now unlawful. Any shared day may designated as a dry day by any state. The majority of dry days fall on major national holidays such as Gandhi Jayanti & Republic Day. Prohibition is announced 48 hours before elections for the Vidhan Sabha or Lok Sabha. Plus on the day of the counting. Forbid days for municipalities, panchayats & municipal corporations involve the day before & day of the election.

Month Date Day
January Makar Sankranti 15
January Republic Day 26
January Shaheed Diwas 30
February Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19
March Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 5
March Shivratri 8
March Holi 25
March Good Friday 29
April Eid ul-Fitr 10
April Ambedkar Jayanti 14
April Ram Navami 17
April Mahavir Jayanti 21
May Maharashtra Day 1
July Muharram and Ashadi Ekadashi 17
July Guru Purnima 21
August Independence Day 15
August Janmashthami 26
September Ganesh Chaturthi 7
September Eid-e-Milad and Anant Chaturdashi 17
October Gandhi Jayanti 2
October Prohibition Week 8
October Dussehra 12
October Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti 17
November Diwali 1
November Kartiki Ekadashi 12
November Guru Nanak Jayanti 15
December Christmas 25

Note: The table includes the event or occasion, date, and day of the week for each dry day.

Download as PDF : Click here

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Final Thought

The Indian agricultural industry would significantly impacted by the dry days in 2024. Long seasons are common in the country, which will lead to decreased crop yields, animal losses & water shortages. The government has tried to address the issue by enforcing water conservation, even though this is unlikely to be effective. The government’s investment in infrastructure initiatives that will assist advance irrigation & drainage systems is the only remaining alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Dry Day today 2024?

It should be noted that March 2024 in Delhi only features two dry days. March 8 is Holi, the first day, and March 30 is Ram Navami 2024, the second dry day in the capital. This indicates that alcohol sales are legal on Holika Dahan 2024 or Choti Holi.

How many states in India are dry?

As a result, there are different laws regarding alcohol in each state, ranging from an outright ban to private sales. Five states – Bihar, Gujarat, Lakshadweep, Nagaland, and Mizoram – had entire prohibitions in place at the moment, and additional states have partial restrictions.

Which is the driest city in India?

India’s driest location is Jaisalmer. In the middle of the Thar Desert, in the western Indian State of Rajasthan, sits the old commerce hub and princely state of Jaisalmer.

What states are alcohol-free?

Specifically, countries must approve the sale of alcohol in order for it to be lawful and subject to state liquor control rules. Two states, Kansas and Tennessee, are completely dry by default.

Why is 2nd October a dry day?

India is celebrating Gandhi Jayanti and it’s illegal to drink alcohol on this day. According to the alcohol Laws in India, Gandhi Jayanti is declared a dry day.

In which state liquor is the cheapest?

The cheapest alcohol in the nation may be found in the party capital of Goa. Goa boasts inexpensive alcohol, which also makes it one of the most visited states, ranging from affordable foreign whiskies to an abundance of domestic and international beer brands.

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