Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan, Pooja Timings, History Address

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan – In this, the Lord Vishnu is the major god who is surrounded by the other deities. This temple has many attractive things, specially Babiya the crocodile which feeds on the sweet rice popular as Pongal prasad.

Some people thought that Lord Vishnu lives in a small cave in this shrine and that the dark cave is saving by Babiya, but this is a folk tale. This shrine has a beautiful atmosphere & the paintings of the shrine are stunning. The Ananthapura Lake Temple is approximate 5 Km from Kumbla & it’s the nearest railway station. The pooja is organizing daily in this shrine.

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan

The Ananthapura Lake Temple is a most popular religious journey location in India. It’s as well popular as അനന്തപുര തടാകക്ഷേത്രം. It’s constructing in the middle of a lake & it is the only lake shrine in Kerala. This temple is situating 30 Km from Bekal in Kasaragod district, Kerala, India. It was constructing in the 9th century & this temple is devoting to Lord Vishnu. If you’re a worshipper of Lord Vishnu, you can visit this temple. Each year many visitors visit this shrine because it is a very attractive & earliest location in India. Get complete Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan, Pooja Timings, History & Address details by this writing beneath.

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan Details

Article For Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan
Affiliation Hinduism
District Kasaragod district
Deity Lord Mahavishnu
Location Naikap, Kumbla
State Kerala
Category Trending
Country India

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Pooja/Worship Timing of Ananthapura Lake Temple 

Day Period Temple Pooja/Worship Timing
Mon to Sun Morning Pooja 07:30
Mon to Sun Noon Pooja 12:30
Mon to Sun Evening Pooja 19:30

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan Timings

Day Period Temple Darshan Timings
Mon to Sun Morning 05:30 to 12:30
Mon to Sun Evening 17:30 to 19:30

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Ananthapura Lake Temple History

The Ananthapura Lake Temple is a Hindu Mandir in Kerala, South India. This is the only lake shrine in Kerala & is believing to the original seat of Ananthapadmanabha Swamy. The Babiya was a crocodile who iced in the lake of the temple & was as well popular for being vegetarian.

In this temple, an interesting location to keep in mind while you visit the shrine is a cave to the right corner of the lake. It’s faith that Lord Vishnu lives in a cave in this shrine. This temple has some folk tale. It was at this location where Divakara Muni Vilwamangalam, the great Brahmin saga, did amends & conducted poojas. Most people have various thoughts & folk tale regarding this shrine.


Babiya, a crocodile who reside in the lake, was as well famous for being vegetarian. It pass away aged 75 on October 9, 2022. It’s believing that it ate only temple giving that were served to her two time in a week & never harmed anyone.

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Ananthapura Lake Temple Babiya (Crocodile) Timings

Day Period Babiya Timings
Mon to Sun Everyday 08:00 & 12:00 PM


Important Note: During the special events the Darshan & Pooja timing might alter.


The past of the shrine is still unclear excluding for some folk tale. It was at this land where Divakara Muni Vilwamangalam, the great Brahmin wise man, did atonement & organized poojas. Myths has it that one day Lord Narayana seemed before him as a kid. The boy’s face was glowing with radiance & this overwhelmed the sage. He became worried & asked who he was. The boy responded that he had no father no mother & none at home.

Vilwamangalam perceive compassion for the boy & allowing him to stay there. The boy put forward a condition that whenever he feels humiliated he will leave the place immediately. He worked for the wise man for sometime. But soon his juvenile pranks became unbearable for the wise man & he behaved violently. Humbled, the boy be lost to view from there after indicate that if Vilwamangalam wants to see him he would have to go to Ananthankat, the forest of serpent god Anantha.

Vilwamangalam soon felt that the boy was none but the Lord himself & he had great remorse. He found a cave at the location where the boy be lo to view and he began further into the cave in search of the boy. He arrived the sea & began further toward the south & at last he arrived a woody area near the sea. Vilwamangalam saw the kid who soon disappeared into big illippa tree (Indian butter tree or Mahua tree). At once the tree fell down & presume the shape of Lord Vishnu lying on a many hooded serpent.

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Ananthapura Lake Temple Address

  • Location: Kumbla- Badiadka Road, Kannur, Kumbla, Kasaragod, Kerala 671321
  • Nearest Airports: Mangalore Airport ( Karnataka) nearest – 56
  • Calicut International Airport is nearest- 222 Km
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kasaragod Railway station (nearest) – 14 km

Contact Details Details

  • Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Ananthapura
  • P.O. Kannur, Manjeshwar Taluk,
  • Kasaragod – 671 321
  • Phone Number: (+91) 4998 214360
  • Mobile / WhatsApp: (+91) 82813 90099
  • Email ID: [email protected]

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How to Reach?

The shrine is open to all anyway of religion or caste. The nearest main railway station to Ananthapura Lake Temple is Kumbla railway station which is approximate 5 km from here. Mangalore Airport is the nearest airport which is approximate 54 km (via NH66) from here. Kannur International Airport, is about 123 km.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of Ananthapura Lake Temple?

Situated in Kasargod district, in the middle of a lake, the temple is believed to be the site where Lord Vishnu settled down. The temple has wooden carvings that depict incidents taken from the stories of the ten incarnations of the Lord.

What is the dress code for the Ananthapura Lake Temple?

Men can wear Mundus (white dhoti) or pants. Dark coloured dhotis are not allowed. They need to remove their shirts while offering their prayers at the temple. Women need to follow a conservative dress code.

Which God is in Ananthapura temple?

The temple, dedicated to Lord Padmanabha who is seated on the serpent king, Anantha and on both sides of Bhoodevi, the Goddess of Earth and Sreedevi, the Goddess of Prosperity are seated. Garuda and Hanuman stand in front of them praying with folded hands. The temple is believed to have been built in the 9th century.

Which temple is full of water in Kerala?

Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple or Ananthapura Lake Temple is a Hindu temple in the middle of a lake in the village of Ananthapura, around 6 km from the town of Kumbla in Manjeshwaram Taluk of Kasaragod District of Kerala, South India.

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