How to get Airtel PUK Code Sim Number Online? New Airtel PUK Working Codes 2024?

Airtel PUK Code 2024 : When your SIM card becomes blocked, whether accidentally or intentionally, all you need is a PUK code to restore access to its services. It’s a common scenario where your SIM card becomes locked, often due to three consecutive incorrect password attempts. In such cases, your SIM number is temporarily blocked, necessitating the use of an Airtel PUK code to unlock it.

In this informative article, we not only guide you on how to obtain your Airtel default SIM PIN but also reveal a secret Airtel PUK Code hack. Learn the various methods to unlock your SIM card and regain seamless access to Airtel services.

Airtel Sim PUK Code

Your Airtel PUK codes serves as a robust security barrier, shielding your SIM card from unauthorized access. PUK, which stands for Personal Unblocking Number, is the key to regain access to a locked SIM card, typically triggered by three consecutive failed PIN attempts.

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Every telecom operator possesses its unique PUK code, and Airtel is no exception. The Airtel PUK code is tailored specifically for Airtel SIM cards, and it plays a pivotal role in keeping your data secure. You can find this vital code either on the SIM card itself or on the envelope in which the SIM card was issued to you.

Airtel Puk Code

Losing access to your Airtel SIM card due to a locked PUK code can be frustrating. However, fear not, as we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you retrieve your Airtel PUK code and unlock your SIM card, all without leaving the comfort of your home. In this article, we will walk you through various methods to obtain your Airtel PUK code, including through SMS, the My Airtel App, USSD codes, and even contacting Airtel customer care.

Airtel Sim Puk Code 2024 Details

Airtel PUK Code 2024 Required to unlock a blocked Airtel SIM card.
Purpose Regain access to Airtel services when SIM is locked.
What is Airtel PUK Code? 4 to 8-digit code for locking and unlocking SIM card data.
Default PUK Code for Airtel SIM Typically ‘1234,’ ‘0000,’ or ‘00000000.’
Airtel PUK Code Digits 8 digits in the Airtel PUK code.
Methods to Obtain Airtel PUK Code SMS, My Airtel App, USSD codes, Customer Care, Website,
Visiting Airtel Store.
Unlocking via SMS Send ‘PUK <Space> 15-digit SIM number’ to 121.
Unlocking via Customer Care Dial 121 or 198, speak to a representative, provide info.
Unlocking via My Airtel App Install app, go to ‘More,‘ search ‘PUK,’ select number.
Unlocking via Airtel Website Log in with another Airtel number, retrieve IMEI & PUK.
Unlocking via USSD Code Dial 12151#, select ‘PUK,’ provide DOB for verification.

What Is Airtel PUK Code?

Before we dive into the methods, let’s understand what an Airtel Sim PUK code is. A PUK, or Personal Unlocking Key, is a 4 to 8-digit code that serves the essential function of locking and unlocking your SIM card information. It acts as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your SIM card data.

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What Is The Airtel SIM Default PUK Code?

Typically, most mobile operators use ‘0000’ as the default PUK code. However, Airtel uses ‘1234’ as its default SIM PIN. If ‘1234’ doesn’t work, try entering ‘0000’ or ‘00000000’ as the default PUK code.

What Is PUK Code Of Airtel 8 Digit?

The Airtel PUK code consists of 8 digits. This code is primarily used to unblock your SIM card if you’ve entered the wrong PIN three times, causing your SIM to become locked.

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How To Unblock Airtel SIM Online?

To unblock your Airtel SIM online, you can follow the steps mentioned in the “Airtel PUK Code Unlock 2024 Online Via My Airtel App” section above.

How to Get Airtel PUK Code Online – New Working Codes 2024

In this section, we will explore various methods to obtain your Airtel PUK code and unlock your SIM card.

Retrieve Airtel PUK Code via SMS

  1. Get a new Airtel service provider number.
  2. Send your locked mobile number to 785.
  3. Send an SMS with the format: PUK <Space> 15-digit SIM number (found on the back of your SIM card) to 121.
  4. Airtel will reply with a message containing the Airtel PUK code.
  5. Use the 8-digit PUK code to unlock your Airtel SIM card.

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Airtel PUK Code Unlock Via Customer Care

  • Dial Airtel PUK Code helpline number 121 or 198 from another phone with Airtel service.
  • Choose the option to speak to a customer care executive.
  • Explain your issue with PUK code unlocking.
  • Provide the requested details accurately.
  • The customer care executive will provide you with the PUK code for your SIM card.
  • Enter the provided code to unlock your Airtel SIM.

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Airtel PUK Code Unlock 2024 Online Via My Airtel App

  1. Turn off your phone and remove the blocked Airtel SIM card.
  2. Then Turn on your phone.
  3. Now Install the My Airtel App (if not already installed).
  4. Please Launch the app, go to the ‘More’ option at the bottom.
  5. In the search field, type ‘PUK.’
  6. Choose ‘I want to know my Airtel pin code Prepaid.’
  7. Select the phone number for which you need the PUK code and confirm.
  8. After a few minutes, you’ll receive your Airtel PUK code.
  9. Use the PUK code to unlock your SIM card.

How to Get Airtel PUK Code Using Website Online?

To unlock your Airtel SIM, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Airtel website and log in using a different Airtel mobile number.
  2. Provide the requested OTP to access your account.
  3. Access the section displaying your associated mobile numbers.
  4. Select the locked number and navigate to the Device section.
  5. Retrieve the IMEI number of your device and the Airtel SIM’s PUK code.
  6. Input the PUK code to unlock your Airtel SIM card.

Please note that the official Airtel website may not display the PUK code for everyone. If you can’t find the PUK code on the website, consider alternative methods for obtaining it.

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How to Know Airtel SIM PUK Code By Using USSD Code?

  • Open the dial pad and dial 12151#.
  • A pop-up notification will appear; press ‘OK.’
  • Then Wait for another pop-up message.
  • Now Select the ‘PUK’ option.
  • Choose either ‘PUK for you’ or ‘PUK for others’ as needed.
  • Provide your Date of Birth (DOB) for security verification.
  • The Airtel PUK code will be displayed on the screen upon successful verification.

How to Contact Airtel Customer Care for Your PUK Code?

  • Simply dial 121 or 111 to connect with an Airtel customer care executive who can assist you in obtaining your Airtel PUK code.

By Visiting Airtel Store

Unlocking your Airtel SIM by visiting an authorized Airtel store is another option:

  1. Visit an authorized Airtel store.
  2. Provide necessary details to the customer care representative for verification.
  3. Once your ownership is confirmed, the representative will assist you in unlocking your Airtel SIM by providing the PUK code.


retrieving your Airtel PUK code and unlocking your SIM card has become more accessible than ever. Whether you prefer to use SMS, the My Airtel App, USSD codes, or contact customer care, you can quickly regain access to your Airtel services. Remember to keep your SIM card information and personal details handy for a smooth unlocking process.


How can I unlock my Airtel PUK code?

Find the PUK code that is printed on the back side of the SIM body. Enter your locked phone number and send it to 785 via SMS. Now, Type with PUK>15-digit SIM number and send it to 121. Airtel will send you an 8-digit code instantly, this will be your PUK code.

What is PUK code for Airtel SIM PIN?

When you purchase a Airtel SIM card, it comes in a little package, and the PUK code should also be included in it. If you still have the package, look for the plastic card that the Airtel SIM was snapped out of. The 8 digit PUK code should be printed on the back, together with the Airtel SIM PIN code.

Can you unlock Airtel SIM card without PUK code?

But luckily, there are still ways for you to unlock Airtel SIM card without PUK. You can always ask your Airtel service provider to help you after confirming your identity. And even if you fail, professional Airtel SIM unlock tools are still there to help you.

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