Ahoi Ashtami 2024 Vrat Katha PDF, Ahoi Mata Puja Vidhi, Aarti And Subh Muhurat

Ahoi Ashtami 2024 – Ahoi Ashtami is marking in the Hindu month of Kartik, which falls around between September & October as per the English Gregorian calendar. Ahoi Ashtami is vast marked in the Northern states of India. It normally falls on the 8 day of the waning period of the moon (the dark fortnight).

On the Ahoi Ashtami day, women vrat from morning to evening & pray for the benefit & long life of their son(s). They normally draw a cub or purchase a drawing of a cub & pray before it. Prayers are giving to the Ahoi Ashtami Bhagawati on this day.

Ahoi Ashtami 2024

Traditionally, on Ahoi Ashtami mothers used to vrat from dawn to dusk for the welfare of their sons. But, in modern India, the vrat is celebrating for the welfare of all kids i.e. for sons including for daughters.

Ahoi Ashtami fasting day falls just around 8 days before Diwali Puja & 4 days after Karwa Chauth. This day is as well popular as Ahoi Aathe because fasting for Ahoi Ashtami is completing during Ashtami Tithi which is the 8th day of the month.

Ahoi Ashtami

Ahoi Ashtami 2024 Details

Article ForAhoi Ashtami
Also calledKarak Ashtami, Karāshatmi (Marathi), Avahi Aathein (Awadhi)
Observed byHindu Mothers
TypeHindu festival day
ObservancesFasting by mothers
BeginsEighth day of the waning moon fortnight (Krishna paksha) in the month of Kartik
Related toKarva Chauth, Dussehra and Diwali

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Katha for Ahoi Mata Vrat

The katha behind the observance of this event is the story of a woman who had seven sons. She went to the forest one day to obtain some soil. While digging the soil, she by chance killed a cub or offspring of a hedgehog (Sei) who damned her. After that, in a span of few years all her 7 sons died. She felt that it was due to the ill-fated of killing the cub. To bring her sons back, she marked a six day long vrat & prayed to Ahoi Mata. The Goddess was pleased with her prayers offered her back all her 7 sons.

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Significance of Ahoi Ashtami

Usually it was completing only for sons, but now mothers mark this vrat for the benefit of all their kids. They break the vrat only after seeing & worshipping the moon or the stars.

This day is as well thinking about most significant for childless duo. Women who find it hard to conceive or have agonized a miscarriage should religiously perform the Ahoi Mata fast to have a baby boy. This is the reason, this day is as well popular as ‘Krishnashtami’. The sacred location of Mathura is thronged by duo & visitors to take the sacred dip in ‘Radha Kunda’.

Vrat Vidhi For Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Vidhi

The Ahoi Ashtami fast is like the Karva Chauth fast; the only contrast being that Karva Chauth is completing for husbands while Ahoi Mata fast is completing for kids.  After taking a bath, women pledge i.e. ‘Sankalp’ to religiously mark & complete the vrat meant for a long and happy life of their kids. According to the ‘Sankalp’, mothers have to perform the fast without food & water and it can be broken only after seeing the stars or moon.

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Ahoi Ashtami Puja Vidhi

Ahoi Ashtami puja preparations are supposing to complete before sunset.

  • 1stly an image of Ahoi Mata is drawn on the wall. The image of Ahoi Mata should embody of 8 corners or Ashtha Koshthak owing to its related with Ashtami tithi. A image of Sei or cub is as well drawn.
  • A sacred ‘Kalash’ filled with water is placing at the left of Maa Ahoi’s image on a wooden platform. A Swastik on the ‘Kalash’ is drawn & a holy thread (Moli) is tied around the Kalash.
  • After that, Rice & Milk are offering to Ahoi Mata together with Vayna or cooked food which comprises Poori, Halwa & Pua. Grains like Jowar or raw food (Seeda) are as well offering to Maa Ahoi in the Puja.
  • The eldest female member of the family, then describes Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Katha to all the women of the family. Every woman is demanding to hold seven grains of wheat in their hand while listening to the Katha.
  • Ahoi Ashtami Aarti is performing at the end of the Puja.
  • In certain communities, Ahoi Mata of silver popular as Syau is creating & worshipped. After the Puja, it can be worn as a pendant with 2 pearls of silver in a thread.
  • After conclude of the Puja, women give Argha to the stars or the moon depending upon their family tradition from the sacred Kalash. They break their Ahoi Mata Vrat only after the sighting of the stars or after moonrise.

Aarti Ahoi Mata Ji Ki

jay ahoi mata, jay ahoi mata |
tumko nisdin dhyavat har vishnu vidhata |
jay ahoi mata ||

brahmani, rudrani, kamla tu hi hai jagmata|
surya-chandrama dhyavat narad rishi gata |
jay ahoi mata ||

mata rup niranjan sukh-sampatti data|
jo koi tumko dhyavat nit mangal pata |
jay ahoi mata ||

tu hi patal basanti, tu hi hai shubhdata|
karma-prabhav prakashak jagnidhi se trata |
jay ahoi mata ||

jis ghar tharo vasa vahi men gun ata|
kar n sake soi kar le man nahin dhadkata |
jay ahoi mata ||

tum bin sukh n hove n koi putra pata|
khan-pan ka vaibhav tum bin nahin ata |
jay ahoi mata ||

shubh gun sundar yukta kshir nidhi jata|
ratan chaturdash toku koi nahin pata |
jay ahoi mata ||

shri ahoi man ki arti jo koi gata|
ur umang ati upje pap utar jata |
jay ahoi mata ||

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ahoi Ashtami fast only for boys?

Ahoi Ashtami is a festival celebrated by women in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in which they observe a fast for their kids. It is believed that Goddess Ahoi blesses mothers and their offspring. Many women abstain from eating or drinking anything during the fast. They break the fast only after seeing the moon.

Can we drink tea in Ahoi Ashtami VRAT?

On the day of Ahoi Ashtami, one should bathe early and wear new or clean clothes and should not consume anything.

Do we do sargi on Ahoi Ashtami?

No, Sargi is the ritual performed during the festival of Karva Chauth and Ahoi Ashtami 2024 will be celebrated after 4 days of the Karva Chauth festival.

Is Ahoi Ashtami only for sons?

Ahoi Ashtami can be celebrated by everyone. Women who have children, and even women who are hoping to have children.

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