What is DOPBNK Full Form, Know About DOPBNK Message Fraudulent or Legit?

What is DOPBNK Full Form – The DOPBNK stands for the post bank department is the sender from where you got the message. The message is usually getting is in a format such as ID-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, etc.

We often get various bank transaction messages on our smartphones. Sometimes these’re authentic messages but these days many scams are as well happening with bank consumers. In this writing, we’ll try to describe the DOPBNK SMS notification you usually receive on your registered mobile number after bank transactions.

What is DOPBNK Full Form

On our cell phones, we frequently receive messages about various bank transactions. These letters can occasionally genuine, but many bank users are as well the victims of fraud these days. In these types of messages, the sender is showed as ID-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, etc. So, if you ever got a DOPBNK message, it was likely delivered by the Post Bank Department.

Therefore, if you got this warning, you should not be alarmed. The message’s primary goal is to inform you of your current bank balance following the transaction.

What is DOPBNK Full Form

What is DOPBNK Full Form Details

Name of Bank India Post Payment Bank (IPPB)
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Official Website www.ippbonline.com

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DOPBNK Link To The Mobile Number

The customers must enter a functioning mobile number & other contact detail throughout the bank registration procedure. In order to rapidly reach the user, the data is adding to the system. Also, Post Bank India gets and stores the contact detail of its users on its computer network.

Any transaction that occurs on the account will result in SMS messages being sent to registered members by the bank. The notifications are expecting to deliver to residents who have both an IPPB account & a Post office account.

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DOPBNK SMS Legal or Fraud?

The complete expansion of DOPBNK disclose its association with the Department of Post Bank, sharing assurance that it is a legitimate entity & not a fraudulent one. This department operates under the “Ministry of Communications” within the Indian government. This information signifies that the messages you get from DOPBNK are not intending for fraudulent purposes but originate from a trustworthy and authorized organization.

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The SMS is permitting as long as we acknowledge that it was sharing by the Department of Post Office (as well popular as the India Post Payments Bank, or IPPB), a government agency. The DOPBNK is a government organization that gives the general people a wide scale of helpful initiatives & services.

We’ll get a confirmation message from the bank after we create a transaction at any bank, indicating that it was successful. In summary, you’ll get the DOPBNK SMS once you’ve made an IPPB (Department of Post Office account), and you may trust them because they’re real.

It’s possible that you or a member of your family registered your phone number at a Post Office location if you do not have a Post Office account but are still receiving texts from DOPBNK.

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Reason for the DOPBNK SMS

These messages are sending to those users who have subscribed to the following services sharing by the India Post Payment Bank:

  • National Savings Recurring Deposit Account
  • Post Office saving account
  • Public provident fund account
  • Senior citizens saving scheme account
  • National saving time deposit account

Direct Benefit transfers

  • Scholarships
  • Social Welfare benefits & other government subsidies

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Third-Party Products

  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Post office saving scheme
  • Insurance

What Is Dopbnk Message?

In India, the DOPBNK is a well-liked SMS on many people’s mobile phones. It is frequent but perplexing if the recipient does not know what you are saying. A lawful message from the Department of Post Bank is known as DOPBNK. Residents are assuring of the message by the Ministry of Communication’s verification of the details. The following SMS could sent to the user:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dopbnk fake or real?

Yes, it is a legal SMS system of the Department of Posts. When you do any transaction with the bank, like deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay bills, etc., a confirmation message is sent to our registered mobile number.

Can we withdraw money from Dopbnk?

If you want to withdraw money for your Dopbnk account, you have to visit nearest post office.

What is the message of Dopbnk money crediting?

Friends If You get Any Message from DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK or TD-DOPBNK regarding Debit or Credit Money, It Means you have Account in Post Office in India and these are the SMS Alerts for your Transactions. Lets Know About DOPBNK Messages more.

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