Tejas MK1A Specifications, Engine, Price, Range, Radar, Features, Variants & More

Tejas MK1A Specifications – With the proliferation of modern aviation & space technology, India’s achievements in fighter aircraft have remarkable. Just like Tejas MK1A which has considered a remarkable achievement providing us expression about the nation’s power in aerospace technology.

Here we’ll give you with all the detail about the Tejas MK1A Specifications, Engine, Price, Range, Radar, Features & Variants thoroughly. So read the writing carefully until the bottom.

Tejas MK1A Specifications

Tejas MK1A is an advance fighter jet made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. As per the detail, Tejas MK1A is built from about 65% indigenous components & has advanced & multirole capabilities. In addition, there’re 43 additional improved features more than Mark 1 Jets.

These multirole MK1A fighter jets were outlining to the IAF in order to replace the aging fleet of MiG 21 fighter jets.

Tejas MK1A

Tejas MK1A Specifications Details

Article For Tejas MK1A Specifications
Name Tejas MK1A
Originated from India
Role Multirole Light Fighter
Developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Category Tech
Developed for Indian Air Force
Deal 83 (73 MK1A Single Seater and 10 Mk1 FOC trainers)
Delivery between 2024 to 2028
Engine GE-404 Engine
Official Website https://hal-india.co.in/


Features of Tejas MK1A

Its features create it more effective & special in modern warfare scenarios. The aircraft is perfectly designing with advancements including a glass cockpit, multifunctional displays, hands-on throttle & stick ( HOTAS) controls & modern communication systems. It as well features an in-flight refueling probe, permitting for extended operational range & endurance. This is nicely designing contributing to high maneuverability, enabling it to perform all space activities conveniently.

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Engine of Tejas MK1A 

Tejas MK1A includes a powerful & advanced GE-404 Engine. This engine was developing by General Electric. Many aspects of this significant engine, like the Fan, Cumbustor, High Pressure Turbine, Low Pressure Turbine, Afterburner & Nozzle & many other things, are developing of the latest technology and assist the engine to deliver powerful outputs.

Moreover, multiple tests will conduct on Tejas MK1A by HAL before delivering it to the IAF. With the addition of Tejas MK1A to the fleet of fighter jets, the capabilities & power of the IAF will exponentially enhance.

Tejas MK1A Price

On January 13, 2021, the contract for 73 Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft & 10 Tejas Mark 1 Trainer aircraft was handing to HAL. The total cost of this significant contract was INR 48000 crores. The worth of these fighter jets was approximate INR 45,696 crores & an extra worth of INR 1,202 crores was for Design & Development.

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This INR 48,000 crore deal is the largest defence contract for an indigenous manufacturer. Recently, it was disclosing that the Indian Air Force plans to buy an additional batch of 100 Tejas MK1A fighter jets. If accepted by the Defence Ministry, HAL will commence manufacturing 100 more Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft, and it’ll surely boost the operational capabilities of the Indian Air Force.

Tejas MK1A Radar

Tejas MK1A fighter jets are equipped with Uttam AESA Radar. The radar is liquid-cooled & features quad-band modules that can stack to form a bigger unit. These significant radars have around 18 modes, which give different functionalities.

The new & technologically advanced Uttam AESA Radar gives a number of functional capabilities, like extended detection range, Pulse Doppler, Simultaneous Operational Modes, Flexible interfaces, High mission reliability, High ECM immunity & various other features.

Tejas MK1A Range

Tejas MK1A higher jets have a top speed of 2220 km/h. The powerful GE-404 engine delivers a significant amount of thrust with its advanced afterburner. Also, its lightweight permits Tejas MK1A to arrive even higher ranges than its predecessors. Tejas MK1A fighter jets have IFR capabilities, OBOGS System, Astra BVRAAM & ASRAAM missiles, UEWS, EL/M-2052 AESA Radar & various other capability enhancement specifications.

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Tejas MK1A is designing to lightweight in order to give an optimized weight distribution. Not only does this positively affect the capacity, but it as well increases its range & other standard features. The cockpit of Tejas MK1A is as well designing to give more space & features for the operating personnel.

Variants of Tejas MK1A

The Tejas MK 1A is a member of the Tejas aircraft family, including many variants together.
It commenced with the development of Tejas Mk 1A, which then led to other foundations.
MK 1A is characterizing by its advanced features & increased capabilities, further solidifying India’s position as a capable aircraft manufacturer. With a more powerful engine & specialized designs, Tejas MK 2 is now a wonderful next-wonderful fighter aircraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of Tejas MK 1A?

The radar has the capacity to track 50 targets at a range greater than 100 km while engaging 4 targets simultaneously. All 83 Tejas Mark 1A and AMCA will come equipped with this radar.

Is Tejas better than Rafale?

Let us tell you that both the planes are better. However, Tejas is a light combat aircraft which is cheaper to use. And on the other hand, Rafale is a medium multi-role fighter aircraft. Which has a better range than Tejas.

What is the cost of Tejas MK1A?

The total value of the January 13, 2021 contract was Rs 48,000 crore. Which included 73 Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft and 10 Tejas Mark 1 trainer aircraft. The cost of the aircraft was Rs 45,696 crore and an additional Rs 1,202 crore was for design and development.

How many hardpoints in Tejas Mk1A?

Tejas has eight hardpoints – one beneath the port-side air-intake, one under the fuselage (centreline station) and three hardpoints under each wing, of these, three are wet hardpoints which can carry drop tanks.

Which radar is using in Tejas aircraft?

The Uttam Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar and Angad electronic warfare suite are being developed indigenously by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and will soon integrated into the Tejas Mk-1A aircraft.

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