Google Task Mate App Referral Code, Working Invitation Code

Google Task Mate App: Google Task Mate Application is an innovative starting of Google for its new Users and Old Users. They may now very simply create money by merely utilizing this app. Google has started the beta version of this application. All the users who are daily willing to utilize the application in order to grab some extra bucks with the help of it will only have to do the tasks that the application will allot to them. This page gives all the required information on the Google Task Mate, How to Download it, Referral Codes, and others here. Grab the subsequent write-up to grab all the details on the Google Task Mate App.

Google Task Mate App 2024

Google Facilities is offering Users an opportunity to earn money simply. They are providing them to utilize an application on their mobile. All they require to do is done the tasks offered to them. In this process, they will be eligible to monetize their events on the application. With each type of task they finish, they will be applicable to earn money for it.

When the task is done, they grab the finances as promised by the Developer Firm. The Users only have to download the application and register. They require referral codes that are currently active and working. With the assistance of signing up, they will be applicable to ingress the application. Post that, they will be allotted work. As Google will notice that a task is done by the Users, they invest them as a reward for doing that thing.Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate App Overview

The Task Mate Application is an app provided on the Google play store of your smartphone. The users will have to present the tasks monitored in the application. The firm pays them for doing that thing. The work allotted to them is very easy.

They might have to tap a restaurant or just complete voicing out their point of view on the survey provided to them. The tasks are taken up by businesses around the globe. It lets them get the concern details that they were searching for and the providers of the details create some extra bucks by doing that thing. The platform very assists all users as it helps in the grabbing of data.

Title of the Application Task Mate
Last Updated Date 30 November 2022
Version of the App Beta
Developed By Google LLC
Parent Company Google
Advantage Permits users to earn by utilizing the app
Aim of the App Create Users to complete the allotted Tasks

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How To Get Money Using Google Task Mate App?

The Users will have to present the following tasks in order to get money with the help of the application of Google Task Mate:

  • Tap on the Pictures of required restaurants, cafes, eateries, malls, public places, and others.
  • Refer to the sentences and record them as they are needed.
  • Do the Transcription and translation of the texts.
  • Assist in the denotation of landmarks for good in the mapping of places.
  • Attending Surveys that are provided by Business Owners to assist in getting such good reviews.

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How To Download Google Task Mate Application?

To download the Google Task App, you may follow the guidelines as given in the below section:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • In the Search Box, enter the “Task Mate”.
  • Tap on the application that is of Google LLC.
  • Visit the application download page.
  • Tap on Install.
  • The app will get started downloading.
  • Open the application of Task Mate was downloaded on the mobile.
  • Choose the Working Language for the respective application.
  • Register utilizing the referral codes provided below as the Working Invitation Codes.
  • You should have to accept the Agreement before signing up.
  • Initiate attending to the tasks on the Google Task Mate App.

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Working Referral Codes/ Working Invitation Code for Google Task Mate

The following Referral Codes will assist you in grabbing registration on the Google Task Mate App. When you key in the Referral Code in the registration form of the application, you may initiate earning money. The referral codes are shown in an order such that the new referral codes open on the top of the table. Then, use the referral codes.

If you feel that there are many codes that have not available to use now. The codes will be updated and added on a daily basis. So, we suggest you to refresh this space for more referral codes thus as to utilize them while registering the Google Task Mate App. Retain checking this space for daily working referral codes. The provided codes are shown here:

Code Number (New) Referral Code
Referral Code 73 CH7NB6
Referral Code 72 P14MLA
Referral Code 71 UEC4Y7
Referral Code 70 U1R46X
Referral Code 69 GUQO7F
Referral Code 68 UK1P83
Referral Code 67 H71QOP
Referral Code 66 3ICH41
Referral Code 65 UYQPV2
Referral Code 64 YTQO91
Referral Code 63 WQ7EVI
Referral Code 62 T1MZ2Q
Referral Code 61 F689KH
Referral Code 60 U9PB1W
Referral Code 59 BYZI23P
Referral Code 58 NV3UQO
Referral Code 57 TQ01BG
Referral Code 56 M1ZXC1
Referral Code 55 YI1IS5
Referral Code 55 YUQVR4
Referral Code 54 K87UH5
Referral Code 53 A167TQ
Referral Code 52 T2WA1W
Referral Code 51 NL106E
Referral Code 50 QPR51W
Referral Code 49 FA2BZE
Referral Code 48 UIT3Q2
Referral Code 47 IRY2W1
Referral Code 46 TUQ91E
Referral Code 45 UIQ06E
Referral Code 44 TY271O
Referral Code 43 E1R41W
Referral Code 42 MMGQ14
Referral Code 41 ZLOQ6R
Referral Code 40 IT1QU4
Referral Code 39 KKH6EC
Referral Code 38 MG7RT1
Referral Code 37 GK4TQQ
Referral Code 36 LZ3QTM
Referral Code 35 JSQ7K1
Referral Code 34 6Y2GR8
Referral Code 33 G5FZ7M
Referral Code 32 TIQS71
Referral Code 32 HGY23Q
Referral Code 31 KW96N7
Referral Code 30 Z7MGR8
Referral Code 29 LT9R4A
Referral Code 28 M86IZ5
Referral Code 27 7ZQKW9
Referral Code 26 XP39BQ
Referral Code 25 Z7MGR8
Referral Code 24 BH2G5F
Referral Code 23 BH2G5F
Referral Code 22 9FMXW7
Referral Code 21 6N71Z3
Referral Code 20 X5GY7K
Referral Code 19 JW6K2Q
Referral Code 18 MKO6Y2
Referral Code 17 6RT51O
Referral Code 16 KIMQP1
Referral Code 15 DH6U2N
Referral Code 14 G3HM90
Referral Code 13 RS43TF
Referral Code 12 RS4T1F
Referral Code 11 D26BH0
Referral Code 10 2BKHX5
Referral Code 9 XH54Z7
Referral Code 8 C90ZTF
Referral Code 7 G9K18M
Referral Code 6 1KBLB6
Referral Code 5 57HZD9
Referral Code 4 PK2MKR
Referral Code 3 H97YVB
Referral Code 2 15ZIT9
Referral Code 1 86HZE1

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What is Google Task Mate app?

Google Task Mate is a mobile app developed by Google that allows users to earn money by completing small tasks.

When was the app launched?

The app was launched in beta version in November 2020 in India.

How does the app work?

The app provides users with small tasks, such as taking a photo of a nearby restaurant, recording a spoken sentence, or translating a sentence from English to a local language. Users can choose which tasks to complete and earn money for completing them.

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