Khanapara Teer Result Today, FR SR Common Hit Number, Previous List

Khanapara Teer Result – Khanapara Teer Aim Hit Number FR SR List is giving regularly. The team endures inhabited and delivers precise & fastest results over the internet. If you’re examine for Khanapara Evening & Morning Teer mutual numbers, then you came to the right internet web page as we’re ahead of other online internet sites concerning issuing the everyday Khanapara Teer Result 2024.

Khanapara Teer Result

Teer Result Today is an official Meghalaya & Assam game that is unchanged. There’s nonentity to ponder about the unchanged Teer Lottery Disposed as it is a qualified game played in Khanapara in Assam. Only limited states are lawful for Lottery tournaments & Assam is one of them.

Khanapara game day-to-day result of the 2-section 1st Round & 2nd Round are available at 4:10 PM and 4:50 PM. If you’re examine for Khanapara Teer Result 2024 Today result, check the Morning Draw Ticket result on this page at 11:00 a.m. and noon. On this internet web portal, we release agreeing Khanapara Teer result updates in the evening & morning. We as well share the Khanapara Teer aim number daily before 11:00 AM, so don’t miss Assam Teer Mutual Numbers.

Khanapara Teer Result

Khanapara Teer Result Overview

Article For Khanapara Teer Result 2024 Today
Name of Game TEER (Arrow) Lottery
Location Assam & Meghalaya
Lottery Name
  1. Khanapara Teer Common Number
  2. Assam Teer Target Hit Number
  3. Khanapara Teer Dream Number
Current Date 15 July 2024
Teer Results Timing Varies as per the club’s time
Cost of the ticket Rs 1 to Rs 100
Winning Prize Money ₹100 to ₹1000
TEER Result Online mode
Authorized By State Govt of Assam
Post Category Trending

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Khanapara Teer (FR/ SR) Common Hit Number

Assam TEER Connotation release this Arrow Result on their certified internet web page. Teer result Khanapara is a game chalk up in Khanapara only. So, candidates from Khanapara Teer results are needing to interpret this internet web portal for day-to-day Teer Results. Teer is an archery game played again and again.

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The Khanapara TEER Connotation arranges the Khanapara TEER game daily at Polo Ground in Assam. About 20 professional archery clubs partake in it, and they must hit the aim for every Teer Game, which is positioned at a detachment vacillating between 30.21 meters & 05.48 meters. The stature & distance of the goal are as well immovable by the Teer draw section between 61 cm & 204 cm and from 66 cm to 208 cm. Troupes can buy the coupons straight from the connotation or the mediators during the day.

Guidelines to Play Khanapara Teer Lottery Game

Playing the Teer game is a drift today in the North Eastern cities of India, particularly in Assam & Meghalaya. Today we’ll cover some subjects associated Khanapara Teer game played in the identical district zone.

  1. Lakhs of individuals collect approximate the shooting ground, where a solitary row is designated utilizing the old practice of shooting a bow to see the Teer result Khanapara.
  2. Individuals gather around the ground to see the game played by many old shooters.
  3. Numbers are definite by the biggest shooters, who point to the adjacent center of the board.
  4. This is the way practiced by all the other Teer game management.
  5. Individuals who want to see the show Teer Khanapara Counter can go to the shooting ground address.

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Live Khanapara Teer Result for 15.07.2024

Here check today’s Khanapara Teer results for 1st Round & 2nd Round Numbers:

Date Khanapara Teer Results (Both Rounds)
FR (4:10 PM) SR (4:50 PM)
15-07-2024 Wait… Wait…
14-07-2024 84 26
13-07-2024 71 50
11-07-2024 48 43
10-07-2024 70 01
08-07-2024 87 39
06-07-2024 84 48
05-07-2024 27 68
04-07-2024 84 30
01-07-2024 92 75

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Khanapara Teer Previous Result (July 2024) Of

DATE First Round Second Round
27-06-2024 88 66
26-06-2024 25 43
24-06-2024 11 64
23-06-2024 40 84
22-06-2024 85 12
21-06-2024 66 20
20-06-2024 77 21
19-06-2024 35 43
17-06-2024 05 38
16-06-2024 32 22
15-06-2024 92 99
14-06-2024 86 83
13-06-2024 45 34
12-06-2024 36 43
10-06-2024 48 48
09-06-2024 06 35
08-06-2024 15 30
07-06-2024 20 68
06-06-2024 65 38
05-06-2024 64 76
03-06-2024 04 45
02-06-2024 33 91
01-06-2024 36 04

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Guess the Lucky Number of Khanapara Teer Lottery Game

  1. With only a small Re 1 in the Teer Khanapara game, the pub acquire 70 rupees gambling on a number.
  2. They pay 1/20 of what you’re taking part in per day. For instance, today, 1000 Players have financed 1000 rupees for gambling on numbers. But only 5-20 will acquire the captivating amount.
  3. These’re the only way behind Assam’s other Teer Counter competitions.
  4. Individuals make lakhs of the amount every day in any Teer Counter Draw Tournaments. However this sport as well has a shady side as the TEER sport is so addictive that the public utilized to play it all day and occasionally misplaces all their money.
  5. In order to stabilize the loss sum, you can gamble on some numbers with a much less expanse than you can effortlessly pay to lose. In addition to, check the Mutual Numbers for the Khanapara TEER sport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khanapara Teer Lottery Game Prize?

To participate in this game, the contestant has to take a 100 to 800 rupees lottery ticket prize. After this, the winning candidate gets prize money of 8,000 to 11,000 rupees.

How is Assam Khanapara Teer Target Played?

First, the professional Archers shoot 30 arrows each at the target that is 50 meters away. Then the arrows are counted and the Assam TEER results for the day are declared. The Final Khanapara TEER Result is the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target.

What is Assam Teer Result’s official website?

There is no official website for Khanapara Shillong Teer Result, however, you can check the daily Teer Lottery Result here as soon as the final result is announced from the location of the TEER Game.

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