Kali Puja Date and Time 2024, Diwali Kali Puja Vidhi, Subh Muhurat, Mantra, Aarti

Kali Puja Date and Time 2024 – Kali Puja or Shyama Puja is marking by Hindus on the new moon day during Diwali. This event is dedicating to the Goddess Kali. The puja is performing to get rid of all negative energies & to welcome the good life. Kali Puja 2024 will mark on 31 October, Thursday.

Check the Kali Puja 2024 date & time, muhurat, importance, myth, celebrations, image representation, famous places & origin.

Kali Puja Date and Time 2024

Kali Puja or Shyama Puja is vast popular by means of Hindus on the new moon day all over Diwali. This vying is devoting to the Goddess Kali. The puja is performing to remove all terrible energies & to welcome the good life. Kali Puja 2024 might be marked on 31 October, Thursday.

Kali Puja Date and Time

Kali Puja Date and Time 2024 Highlights

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Goddess Maa Kali
Significance Remove all negativity
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Legend Related to Kali Puja

As per a famous myth, Maa Kali obtained angry with the dishonest human society & he or she take as read to sinking anyone who stood in her course. The many gods begged Lord Shiva, her husband, to leave the breaking up. Lord Shiva lay down in the path of the goddess to prevent her from destruction. As soon as Kali stepped on him in rage, she turned into mortified by way the act. She bit her tongue as a mark of shame. All her anger disappear the immediate she stepped on Lord Shiva as her complete rage was absorbing by Shiva himself, who therefore stored the world.

What is Kali Puja 2024?

Goddess Kali is one of the type of the Goddess Durga. As per the Hindu calendar, Kali Puja is performing on Amavasya during Diwali. All the epitome of Goddess Durga are marking during the time of Navratri & Dussehra.

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Celebrations of Kali Puja 2024

Kali Puja is broadly renowned with keenness & stunning emotion. It’s vast popular in 2 go near, Brahmanic & Tantric.

The Brahmanic puja of Goddess Kali is starting in the traditional Hindu proceed towards with providing to the deity. In Hindu subculture, Kali Maa is also mentioned as the ‘Adya Shakti Kali’. It is the parade of spirituality, religion, shades & social meeting.

The Tantrik Puja require the Mantras at some stage in middle of the night to thrill the goddess. The Kali Puja Vidhi contain of purple color, skulls, hibiscus plants, blood, pink vermillion & animal sacrifice. This way is convey from nighttime till dawn to get Tantrik Siddhi (supernatural powers).

Importance of Kali Puja

She represent victory & is savage & sort. Kali puja is completing to remove the negativity of self & to demolish evil in all bureaucracy that forestall one from achieving non secular attainment. Worshipping Goddess Kali escort positivity, wealth & happiness in lifestyles.

Origin of Kali Puja

The Kali puja changed into popularized via Raja Krishna Chandra, King of Navadvipa inside the 18th century.

What Does Goddess Kali’s Image Represent?

Goddess Kali symbolize the savage, truth &  wisdom. Here’re some of the rendition of her image:

  • Maa Kali’s Colour – It’s a night sky color which is magic in nature.
  • 50 Humans Head Garland – These heads symbolize the truth.
  • White Teeth & Red Tongue – White teeth symbolize inner purity & red tongue portray her random nature.
  • A severed head & a Sword in hand – Represent the victory of wisdom & the demolition of ignorance.
  • 3 Eyes – 3 eyes mark the time- past, present & future.

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Are Diwali & Kali Puja 2024 the Same?

On Diwali, people worship the Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Ganesh to bring wealth & the good life to their lives. Kali Puja is performing to eliminate negative energies & bring positivity and happiness. Some people mark Kali Puja and Diwali on the same day.

Important Timings On Kali Puja 2024

Sunrise October 31, 6:35 AM
Sunset October 31, 6:35 AM
Amavasya Tithi Timing October 31, 03:53 PM – November 01, 06:17 PM
Kali Puja Nishita Puja Time October 31, 11:45 PM – November 01, 12:36 AM


When is Kali Puja in 2024?

Here’re the detail for Kali Puja Muhurat & Puja timings

  • Amavasya Tithi Time: 03:52 PM on 31 October

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Benefits of celebrating Kali Puja

  • Remove the darkness surround human alive. In this present era, though there is huge development in science & technology, psychological issue are on the stand up. It’s very notable to brake any sort of negativity in life.
  • Brings joy & happiness in the family. Families break for many reasons. It becomes notable to keep the family intact to increase happiness. Goddess Kali assists her worshipers to keep a good & peaceful family life.
  • Make easy the victory of good over evil & wicked the banish of darkness. The darkness inside humans – such as anger, resentment, rage & ego – must be restrain. By praying to Goddess Durga, one can save from all bothers in life.

Kali Mata Aarti

अम्बे तू है जगदम्बे काली, जय दुर्गे खप्पर वाली।

तेरे ही गुण गायें भारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती।।

तेरे भक्त जनों पे माता, भीर पड़ी है भारी।

दानव दल पर टूट पडो मां, करके सिंह सवारी।।

सौ सौ सिंहों से तू बलशाली, दस भुजाओं वाली।

दुखियों के दुखड़े निवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती।।

मां बेटे का है इस जग में, बड़ा ही निर्मल नाता।

पूत कपूत सूने हैं पर, माता ना सुनी कुमाता।।

सब पर करुणा दरसाने वाली, अमृत बरसाने वाली।

दुखियों के दुखड़े निवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती।।

नहीं मांगते धन और दौलत, न चांदी न सोना।

हम तो मांगे मां तेरे मन में, इक छोटा सा कोना।।

सबकी बिगड़ी बनाने वाली, लाज बचाने वाली।

सतियों के सत को संवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती।।

अम्बे तू है जगदम्बे काली, जय दुर्गे खप्पर वाली।

तेरे ही गुण गायें भारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती।।

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Kali Puja?

The purpose of Kali Puja is to remove the negative energies and seek happiness.

Which flower is offered to Kali?

The red hibiscus flower is offered to the Goddess Kali.

How to wish on Kali Puja?

The famous Kali Puja wishes are: May Goddess Kali put an end to all the negativity in our lives and bring us happiness and positivity and May Maa Kali is always there to show us the right path and fill our lives with happiness, success and prosperity. Happy Kali Puja to everyone.

How do you worship Kali at home?

To worship Goddess Kali at home, keep the idol of Kali on a red cloth and offer her flowers, dishes, water, and rice.

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