Free Fire Invisible Name Trick 2024, How to Get Blank Nickname?

Free Fire Invisible Name Trick 2024 – Having an uncommon name in FF grants players to differentiate themselves from others, providing them a feeling of distinction & uniqueness. Many tricks can employed to get a special nickname in the battle royale title, one of which is the invisible name. This can accomplished using the Unicode 3164 and a few other players.

Applying the invisible name in the game is pretty easy & individuals can do so in a duo of minutes. Check out the section beneath for a complete guide on making an invisible name in the game.

Free Fire Invisible Name Trick 2024

In FF, characters may set themselves besides others by having unique names, which provides them a sense of distinction & individuality. In the battle royale game, there are a few ways you may utilize to get a unique name. One of them is the invisible name. A few additional players & Unicode 3164 can utilized to get this.

To accomplish the unique technique in the game, you require to mix the Unicode 3164, as well whooped the Hangul Filler, with invisible Braille letters. You won’t come all over the invisible/blank name when playing the FF battle royale game, which is unusual.

Free Fire Invisible Name Trick

Free Fire Invisible Name Trick 2024 Details

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FF Invisible Nickname Guide

The following are comprehensive instructions that you may utilize to accomplish the invisible name trick:

  • Locate & paste the Unicode 3164 into the Notes app on your mobile device. Hangul Filler, which functions as a blank space, is easily got online.
  • After getting the Unicode 3164, place 5 or 6 other Braille characters adjacent to it.
  • After that, you’ve to alter your name in Free Fire & copy and paste the full content. You’ll then get the game’s blank name as a consequence.

The comprehensive instructions for utilizing the invisible name technique & changing your name are as follows:

  • To start, launch FF and tap the avatar in the upper-left corner to access your in-game profile.
  • The symbol next to your nickname has to be tapped. The “Change Nickname” dialog box will popup as a consequence.
  • After making the invisible name text, enter it to complete updating your name.

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How to get Invisible Name in Free Fire using Unicode 3164?

The Unicode 3164, otherwise popular as the Hangul Filler, must be combined with Braille roles that are as well invisible to get the special trick in the game. The invisible/blank name is uncommon & is something you won’t find while engaging in the battle royale title.

Shared beneath are complete steps you can follow to get the invisible name trick:

Step 1: Open the Notes app on your mobile device &  paste the Unicode 3164 into the same. You can find Hangul Filler readily on the internet, and it essentially acts as a blank space.Step 2: Once you’ve the Unicode 3164, paste 5-6 distinct Braille characters next to it.

Step 3: You must then copy & paste the complete text while alteration your name in Free Fire. This will give you with the blank name in the game.

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Detailed step-by-step guide to change the name in Free Fire

The following are the complete steps to alter your name & utilize the invisible name trick:

Step 1: Get started by booting up FF & heading to your in-game profile by tapping on the avatar at the top-left corner.

Step 2: You must click on the icon beside your nickname. This will open the “Change Nickname” dialog box.

Step 3: Fill the invisible name text that you have made and complete the process of alteration your name.

You should note that changing your nickname in the battle royale title costs 390 diamonds or a name change card, so it would be best if you’re prepared to bear the cost.

Besides this trick, you can as well try fancy names in FF by adding unique symbols & other players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the invisible name in free fire Max?

Guide on getting an invisible name in Garena Free Fire. As already mentioned, making the name invisible requires using Unicode 3164. To achieve this task, the character will need to be placed next to Braille symbols. This is primarily due to the fact that Braille symbols also appear to be invisible in Free Fire.

What is the invisible word in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, players can add an invisible character to their name using U+3164, popularly known as Hangul Filler. Gamers can utilize this website to copy this Unicode character. They may paste it anywhere between the names while altering it.

How many maps are in Free Fire name?

This Free Fire maps guide is here to help you familiarize yourself with the numerous battlefields you'll come across while playing the game. There are six Free Fire maps in the game, each with its own unique layout and landmarks.

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