BGMI Unban Date in India 2024, When will be Unban? Latest News, Court Decision & Dates

BGMI Unban Date in India: BGMI (formerly known as PUBG) was banned in India by the government. However, there have been recent indications that the game might be unbanned in the country. For more information on the unban date, reason for the ban, court decisions, and other details, you can check reliable sources.

Latest News: Battlegrounds Mobile India may make a comeback in India for 90 days, but conditions apply. It is also believed that testing period may last three months and the game won’t be available 24×7 as there may be some restrictions on playing time as well.

BGMI Unban Date

BGMI, a highly addictive mobile game, has gained immense popularity among people of all ages in India. It has become a favorite among the younger generation, with almost everyone having played it. However, the sudden ban imposed by the government came as a shock to players nationwide. Before delving into the reasons behind the ban and providing information about the unban date, let’s first explore the game itself.

This article provides comprehensive information about the unban date, court decisions, reasons for the ban, and other details related to BGMI in India. It aims to keep BGMI lovers informed about the latest news and exciting facts regarding the game. By delving into the following paragraphs, you will gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the ban. Stay updated with the complete details by reading on.

BGMI Unban Date 2023 News

BGMI Unban 2024 Details

Game BattleGrounds Mobile India
Developer Krafton India
Game Type Multiplayer Battle Game
Release Date in India July 2021
Ban Date July 2022
Ban Reason Data Breach & Violations
BGMI Unban Date in India June 2024 (Tentative)
Notice To be released
Article Category Tech
Official Website


BattleGrounds Mobile India Latest News

BGMI Unban Date in India

Battleground Mobile India, was introduced on July 2, 2021, as a replacement for the previously banned PUBG. An enhanced version of BGMI, featuring additional features, was released on August 18, 2021. The game is exclusively available for Android and iOS devices. Developed by Krafton, BGMI offers an exciting battleground experience where players engage in battles between supernatural powers and humans. Its captivating gameplay has garnered a significant following among mobile gamers.

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In BGMI, gamers engage in intense competition with up to 100 players, striving to be the last person standing in a thrilling shootout. The game offers six different maps for players to explore and battle on:

  1. Miramar
  2. Sanhok
  3. Erangel
  4. Livik
  5. Vikendi
  6. Karakin

Each map provides unique terrain, environments, and challenges, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay experience. Players must adapt their strategies accordingly to emerge victorious on these diverse battlegrounds.

BGMI captivated its users for hours, leading them to spend extensive amounts of time on their phones. However, on July 28, 2022, the Indian Government abruptly banned the game for both Android and iOS users. This decision halted the widespread engagement and enjoyment players experienced while playing BGMI.

BGMI Unban in India

BGMI faced a ban in India on July 28, 2022, affecting both Android and iOS users. Despite BGMI not being a Chinese product, the government decided to prohibit the game. Speculations arose suggesting that BGMI was associated with the PUBG franchise, further fueling its popularity. As a result, some users resorted to unauthorized methods such as VPNs, clone portals, and illegal sites to continue playing the game.

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However, there is promising news for BGMI enthusiasts. Krafton, the developer company, has expressed their intentions to unban the game in India soon. The overwhelming popularity of BGMI has likely influenced the government’s decision to reconsider the ban, bringing relief to gamers eagerly awaiting its return.

The question of whether BGMI will make a comeback on the Google Play Store has sparked curiosity among many individuals. While an official unban date has not been announced, there is a buzz among gamers suggesting that the Indian government may lift the ban within a month.

Krafton, the developer company, has reassured users that they are committed to making efforts to unban BGMI in India and reintroduce the game with enhanced features. This statement from Krafton has generated excitement among devoted BGMI fans eagerly anticipating its return to the Google Play Store.

Rumors circulating suggest that the game may become available again sometime between October and November. However, players are keeping their hopes high and anxiously waiting for a favorable decision.

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Reason for the Ban of BGMI in India

The ban on BGMI in India was attributed to several reasons, as gathered from multiple sources. The primary reason behind the ban was the alleged unauthorized sale of users’ data by Krafton, the developer company, to marketing companies. This accusation led the Indian government to take action against the game. While additional reasons for the ban were discussed, it is important to note that the validity of these reasons may vary as they are based on information from various sources.

During the period of BGMI’s ban in India, several rumors and speculations circulated regarding the reasons behind the ban. Here are some of the selected reasons compiled from various sources:

  1. The Indian government accused the developer company of creating the game as a by-product of illegal games and apps available in the market.
  2. The Indian government claimed that the game contained plagiarized content.
  3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegedly received letters of complaints from various gaming companies, including TechCrunch.
  4. There were rumors suggesting that some YouTubers were using the game for fraudulent activities, although these claims lacked evidence.

It’s important to note that these reasons were based on speculation and information from various sources. The South Korean gaming company, Krafton, defended itself, stating that the allegations were completely false. Both the accusing and defending parties have presented their own facts and perspectives.

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Court Decision & Dates regarding the BGMI unban in India

BGMI was banned in India due to the violation of the IT Act, specifically under section 69A. In order for the game to be unbanned, gaming companies must adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in the Indian IT Act. As of now, no official date for the game’s unbanning has been released by the court.

Based on the current circumstances, it is predicted that BGMI may make a comeback before the end of the year. Fans and supporters eagerly await the official announcement, hoping that the court’s decision will be favorable.

We will provide updates on the exact unbanning date once the official statement is made public. Please continue to visit our website for further BGMI updates.

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Is BGMI coming back 2024?

Krafton, the creators of the popular game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has revealed that the game will be making a comeback to Android and iOS platforms. It is best to refer to official announcements, news sources, or the game’s official channels for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the return of BGMI.

In which countries BGMI is available?

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is currently available only in India. The game was developed specifically for Indian players after the ban on the popular game PUBG in India. The game has been launched by the South Korean video game company Krafton and is exclusively available to download from the Google Play Store for Android devices. There is no official information as of now regarding when or if BGMI will be released in other countries.

How do I unban my BGMI ID?

To unban your BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) ID, you can try contacting the game’s customer support team. They may be able to help you resolve the issue and lift the ban on your account. You can also check if there are any specific rules or guidelines that you may have violated, and take steps to ensure that you do not repeat those actions in the future. It is important to remember that bans are usually put in place for a reason, so it is essential to follow the game’s terms of service and community guidelines to avoid getting banned again in the future.


While BGMI enthusiasts eagerly await its unban in India, the decision lies with the Indian government and relevant authorities. The progress made by Krafton in addressing data privacy and security concerns, along with ongoing court proceedings and consultations with experts, indicate positive developments. However, it is essential to exercise patience as the unban date for BGMI in India remains uncertain. Stay tuned for official announcements from the concerned authorities for the latest updates on this matter.

Thank you for reading the article, and if you are also a BGMI fan and wish for the game’s return, feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

FAQs Related to BGMI Unban News

What is the BGMI Unban Date in India 2024?

Krafton announced on Friday that BGMI will be coming back and the game will be available for download soon. The company thanked the Indian authorities for allowing the relaunch of BGMI in India in June 2024. While Krafton has not announced a relaunch date yet, we expect the game to be available for download on iOS and Android in the coming days.

When will the BGMI be de-banned in India?

BGMI had been banned in India in July 2022 citing security concerns. However, Krafton has confirmed that they will soon bring back the game, which will be available for download.

What are the latest updates on BGMI's unban in India?

According to a report by News18, the government of India has decided to temporarily lift the ban on BGMI for a period of three months. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is planning to issue an order to unblock BGMI from the Google Play Store and App Store. The report cites a top-level MeitY official as the source of this information. However, this is more of a trial period for BGMI in India, as the game will be closely analyzed and monitored during the three-month duration. If the app is found to be in violation of any of the country's regulations during this time, it may face another ban.

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