US Military Pay Chart 2024 – Budget, Rank Wise Pay Grade

US Military Pay Chart 2024 – As we all know, the US Military as well popular as the United States Military is one of the largest Defence Forces in the World which has bases all over various parts of the World. If you’re as well interested in joining the US Military or you’re part of the Military then you’re on the right page because here you can find complete information about the US Military Pay Chart 2024 which will helpful for you.

In addition, note that Pay Chart varies with the number of years of services which you’ve rendered in the US Military and number of operations in which you’ve participated. Also, you should as well check the Separate Pay Charts for Enlisted and Officers in US Military, US Navy, US Air Force which we’ve talked about in this post for your reference. Usually, Pay is less when you’ve rendered 2 Years of Service and it enhances as soon as you complete 6 Years of Service. However, the number of pays and emoluments keep increasing after your experience is getting.

US Military Pay Chart 2024

The United States Government led by President Joe Biden has declared the significant raise of 4.57% in the United States Military Pay Chart 2024 which is applicable on all the Veterans, Enlisted Ranks & Officers. Now, many of you might confused about the Rank Wise Emoluments that are providing in the US Military so we decided to come up with the latest 2024 US Military Pay Chart through which you can get to know about the Rank Wise Salaries of the Army Persons in the United States.

You should check this post for short detail about the US Military Pay Chart 2024 Enlisted which will helpful for you. You should know that the Allowances for Less than 2 Years, 6 Years Service is different so the pay chart for different service tenure is providing here. Ensure you read the sections beneath & then you should check the pay which is applicable on your post & tenure. Usually, the US Military Budget 2024 is enhancing every year by a significant margin which as well enhance the Salary of Individuals.

US Military Pay Chart

US Military Pay Chart 2024 Highlights

Title US Military Pay Chart
Authority US Government
Branches Navy, Airforce and Military
Ranks Enlisted, Officers & Veterans
US Military Budget 2024 $842 Billion
Budget Expenses Military, Operations & Procurement
2024 US Military Pay Chart Available Below
Raise in Military Pay 4.57%
US Military Pay Chart Officers 2024 Available Below
US Military Pay Chart Enlisted 2024 Discussed Below
Category Trending
US Military Website

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Enlisted Pay Chart for US Military Pay Chart 2024

Pay Grade or Rank Less than 2 Years Over 2 Years Over 6 Years
E-7 $3445.80 $3760 $4095
E-6 $2980 $3279 $3565
E-5 $2730 $2914 $3199
E-4 $2503 $2631 $2914
E-3 $2259 $2402 $2547
E-2 $2149 $2149 $2149
E-1 $1917 $1917 $1917
E-1 (Less Than 4 Months) $1773 NA NA

United States Military 2024 Officer Pay Chart Rank Wise

Rank or Pay Grade 2 Years Above 2 Years Above 4 Years  Above 6 Years
O-10 (Note 1) XX XX XX N/A
O-8 $12170 $12570 $12908 $13238
O-7 $10113 $10582 $10973 $11286
O-6 (Note 2) $7669 $8425 $8978 $9012
O-5 $6393 $7202 $7794 $8105
O-4 $5516 $6385 $6906 $7301
O-3 (Note 3) $4849 $5497 $6469 $6780
O-2 (Note 3) $4190 $4772 $5682 $5799
O-1 (Note 3) $3637 $3786 $4576 $4576
O-3E XX XX $6,469 $6780
O-2E XX XX $5,682 $5799
O-1E XX XX $4,576 $4887
W-4 $5012 $5391 $5698 $5960
W-3 $4577 $4767 $5027 $5232
W-2 $4050 $4433 $4632 $4894
W-1 $3555 $3938 $4258 $4515

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US Military Budget 2024

  • The US Military Budget 2024 is one of the biggest military budgets in the World which stands at $842 Billion USD.
  • This budget is using in Military Operations, Infrastructure of Military, Salaries or Pays, Procurement of Weapons & others.
  • This year, the Joe Biden Administration has enhanced the US Military Budget by 4.57% due to ongoing conflicts in the other parts of the World.
  • Also, you should know that the US Budget is as well expecting to raise in the following fiscal year.
  • You should know that the Defense Budget can enhanced any time by the Biden Government incase of any emergency.

How to Check US Military Pay Chart 2024?

You can check the US Pay Chart 2024 utilizing the instructions beneath.

  • Open the Official Website of US Military @ & Wait for Homepage.
  • Choose the pay Chart button and then choose the category for which you want to check.
  • Here you can see the US Pay Chart with Emoluments for Year Wise Services of the Enlisted & Officers.
  • Download the Pay Chart &  keep it with you for reference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the US Pay Chart 2024 Revised?

US government revises the Pay Chart during the end of fiscal year.

What is the US Military Budget 2024?

The US Budget 2024 stands at $842 Billion USD.

What is the Minimum Salary under the US Military?

US Minimum Salary is $1917 USD.

Where is the US Pay Chart 2024 available?

Visit to check US Pay Chart 2024.

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