UK Visa Fees for Students, Tourist, Spouse, Short Term, Long Term, How to Apply

UK Visa Fees for Students – Students of age upper 16 years find it a better opportunity to go & study outside their country. It becomes a complicated method for the candidates to apply for the Visas. To go and study in the United Kingdom, the candidates will have to get themselves the Visa approved from the Embassy.

Some may go at the UG level & some may go at the graduate level. The fee will different for the courses & the tenure.

UK Visa Fees for Students

They often search for the UK Visa Fees for Students according to their course. Some may travel as tourists and they find for UK Visa Fee for Tourists. Some may apply for Spouse Visa. People often find it difficult to get all the information in a single platform so here we’re with all the details about the UK Visa Application Fees. Now in this writing, we’ve introduced all the information about  the Short Term UK Visa Fee, How to Apply For a UK Visa? and other details. You must mention to this writing to get all the information on the Visas for the UK together with the UK Visa Fees for Tourist & Spouse.

Students may look on How to Apply for UK Visa? and may look for the fees structure. So here in this writing, we’ve shared all the information about the Visa fee for tourist, student, spouse, short term & long term. To apply for the Visa, you may require to show some funds in your bank account for safety purposes. If you go with a full fledged plan, it may become easy for you to get your Visa approved. The UK Visa Fees for Students ranges from Rs 20000 and may higher according to your needs and course & other requirements. You must take a read through this writing to get all the information on the visa requirements & the fees structure.

UK Visa Fees for Students

UK Visa Fees for Students Details

Article TitleUK Visa  Fees For Students
CountryUnited Kingdom
Visa typesSpouse, Students, Tourists
Tenure of visaShort term & long term
UK Visa fees for studentsStarting from Rs 20000
United Kingdom Visa fees for touristsStarting from Rs 10000
Application processMentioned below
Documents neededPassport, Aadhar card, bank details & other details

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Students UK Visa Fee

  • The candidates who want to go and study in the UK will have to collect the Visa approved 1st.
  • Now the tenure of the Visa can brief term or long term which will purely depend upon the preference of the students.
  • As per the tenure of the visa, the fee may as well differ &  people may apply for their visa.
  • Visa is required if you want to go out of the UK or you wish to go to the UK, you can check the fee from the provided writing.
  • You can remain in the UK for the time till your visa is valid & then you’ve to get your visa renewed.
  • The UK Visa Fees for Students is Rs 35959 together with the other taxes.

United Kingdom Tourist Visa Fee

Category United Kingdom Tourist Visa Fee
6 months short term visaRs 10299
2 year long term visaRs 34649
5 year long term visaRs 61749
10 year long term visaRs 76999

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UK Visa Fees for Spouse

  • It happens at times when the individuals opt for the spouse visa as the visa is initiated in a brief period of time & the application method is generally simple.
  • If the spouse visa application is made inside the UK, the fee is 1048 pounds.
  • If the application is made outside then the UK Visa Fees for Spouse is 1538 pounds.
  • The other worth of immigration & surcharge is 624 pounds.
  • The biometric fee is 19.20 pounds.

Short Term UK Visa Fees

  • The short term UK Visa is for the term less than 11 months.
  • The worth of a Short Term UK Visa Fees is approximate 300 pounds.
  • One can apply for the brief term visa to apply for the English language course.
  • The course usually lasts from 6 to 11 months.
  • If the course is different then you can select the visa in accordance with your preference.

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Long Term United Kingdom Visa

  • If you’re the one who visits the UK on a regular basis, then you can select the long term visitor visa.
  • The visa lasts for 2, 5 or 10 years and the highest stay is 6 months.
  • Check the table beneath to know the information on the fee for the long term visa.
Time Visa fee 
2 year376 pound
5 year670 pound
10 year837 pound

How to Apply Online United Kingdom Visa?

If you want to travel to the UK, you must collect your application process completed minimum 3 months before your journey.

  • At first check if you’re eligible for the visa or not.
  • Get your complete documents ready.
  • Apply online for the Visa & make the profile on the UK Website.
  • Pay the required application fee.
  • Go to the visa application center on the appointed date.

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Documents for UK Visa for Students

  • Visa application proof
  • Age proof
  • Acceptance letter of the course
  • Proof for funds
  • Visa approval
  • Pay slips
  • Marksheet
  • IELTS Marksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one apply for the UK Visa?

One can apply for the UK Visa through the steps mentioned above.

How much is the UK Visa Application fee for Spouses?

The UK Visa Application fee for Spouse is 1048 pounds.

What is the permissible age for a UK Study Visa?

The permissible age for UK Study Visa is minimum 16 years.

What is the minimum time for a Tourist Visa for the UK?

The minimum Tourist Visa for the UK is 6 months.

What is the UK Visa Fees for Students?

The UK Visa Fees for Students can be checked from the table above.

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