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Malabar Lottery Result Today – One of the famous lotteries, the Malabar Lottery Board organizes the daily 5 draws as 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 02.00 PM, 05:00 PM, and 07.00 PM. There’re 3 Digit, 02 Digit, and 01 Digit winners commonly in which their names will prompt at the official website.

The foremost thing the candidates need to know is that they need to purchase the Malabar lot lottery tickets. Once the results are released, the candidates can receive the results on the board’s official web page of Malabar lot lotteries alone. Find the Malabar lot lottery today result beneath.

Malabar Lottery Result Today

The lottery is a gamble for players which is dependent on their luck. the lottery includes the drawing of numbers at random for a prize. Malabar Lottery Result is releasing at 5 different times 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. Candidates can win the prizes like 1st Prize (3 Digit) – 27,000, 2nd Prize (2 Digit) – 1,000 & 3rd Prize (1 Digit) – 100. In this post, you’ll search the Malabar Lottery Result for Today.

Check the Malabar Lot Today Result Live update (Daily 5 Draws), the winning numbers of the respective Malabar lottery draw here. ML Today result at 10:30 AM 12 30 PM 02.00 PM 05 00 PM and 07:00 PM. ML result Chart link is giving beneath on a monthly, weekly & daily basis. Let’s read this page is the winning numbers of the lottery and search the winning numbers of the lottery of the ML lottery today result, the golden jackpot ( Lottery Sambad Today).

Malabar Lottery Result Today

Malabar Lottery Result Today Information

Article For Malabar Lottery Result Today
Draw Code 8
First Prize Rs. 27,000/-
Second Prize Rs. 1,000/-
Third Prize Rs. 100/-
Lottery Name Malabar Lottery
Category Trending
Result Time
  • 10:30 AM,
  • 12:30 PM,
  • 2:00 PM,
  • 5:00 PM,
  • 7:00 PM
Result Status Published

Timing of Malabar Lottery Result Today

ML Lottery Result is releasing daily at 5 different times. The 1st result of the Malabar Lottery is announcing at 10:30 am, the 2nd result is releasing at 12:30 pm, the 3rd result is issuing at 2:00 pm and The 4th result is issuing at 5:00 pm and the last result means the 5th result is releasing at 7:00 pm, so in this way, the results of this lottery are releasing at different times daily and the players who are likes to come at these times and see the result.

Tickets Prize
3 Digit 27,000
2 Digit 1,000
1 Digit 100

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Malabar Lottery Prize

If we discuss the prize of the Malabar Lottery, then there’re a total of 3 prices in it, if you win the 1st prize then you receive a reward of approximate ₹ 27000 and if you offer its 2nd prize then you receive a reward of ₹ 1000. And in this, if you win the 3rd prize, then you acquire only & only ₹ 100, so if you win the 1st prize, then it is very good for you because, in the 2nd and 3rd prizes, you acquire almost no money. The game depends completely on luck, if your luck is good then you can acquire the 1st prize.

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In this lottery total 3-digit is releasing for the 1st prize & 2-digit number is issuing for the 2nd prize and the last means the third prize 1 digit number is releasing if you acquire 3 digit number If yes, then you’re offered a reward of ₹ 27000.

  • 1st Winner will offer Rs. 27,000/-
  • 2nd Winner will offer Rs. 1,000/-
  • 3rd Winner will give Rs. 100/-

How To Play Malabar Lottery

Friends, if you want to play Malabar Lottery, then let me tell you how you can play this game, then 1st of all you’ve to search whether this lottery is permitting to play in your city or Then do not see, this kind of games have prohibited in many cities of India where you can’t play this game but many cities have permitted & licensed to play this game. You can play this kind of game in cities. If your city is permitting to play this game, then 1st of all you’ve to search which retailer is near you and has the ticket to selling this game.

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The license has provided for this, you purchase from the same retailer who has a license and who is allowing, what will happen is that you’ll not cheat, you’ve purchased the ticket by paying the appropriate amount by going to that retailer & whenever its result comes So to see the result, if you acquire the amount in the result, then you go to that retailer again and tell him that my 1st or 2nd prize has come. Yes, as soon as you go to the operator, you’ll get the won amount, so in this way, you can play this game in your city.

How To Win Malabar Lottery Result

Friends, if you want to win the Malabar Lottery, then let me tell you that this game is fully dependent on luck, there’re no tips and tricks in it, by which you can win this game by utilizing it. You’ve to purchase as many tickets as you can, if you purchase more tickets, your opportunity of winning will improve, so to win this game, purchase as many tickets as you can.

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How To Check The Malabar Lottery?

  • Visit to the official web page of Malabar lot Lotteries
  • Tap the Today’s Result Option.
  • You’ll see the Malabar lot Lottery Results & can download the result in PDF.
  • Check your lottery number with the Malabar lot Lottery result

Disclaimer: The upper information is for general informational purposes only. All detail on the web page is shared in good luck, but, we make no representation or warranty of any type, express or implied, about the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any detail on the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many draw in Malabar Lottery?

5 draws.

What is the draw ode of Malabar Lottery?


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