Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF, Latest Whisky/ Rum/ Wine/ Vodka/ Beer Rates in Delhi

Delhi Liquor Price List 2024: Welcome to the Delhi Liquor Price List for the year 2024, your comprehensive guide to the prices of alcoholic beverages available in the capital city of India. In a city known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse population, the preferences for libations are equally varied. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking fine wines and premium spirits or simply looking for an affordable way to unwind, this price list will serve as your go-to resource for navigating the dynamic world of liquor prices in Delhi. Stay informed and make informed choices as you explore the latest offerings in the bustling liquor market of Delhi.

This guide will help you save money while having a great time with friends. Liquor prices differ based on brand, amount, and location. You can check these prices online or at different stores. We’ll also share tips on where to get the best liquor deals in Delhi. You can download the Delhi New Liquor Price List 2024 PDF here to quickly find the prices for whiskey, rum, wine, vodka, and beer throughout the year.

Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF

You can access the list of liquor brands and their prices on the website Additionally, you can download the Delhi Liquor Price List 2024-2024 PDF from the link below. Please note that this rate list will remain valid until April 1, 2024.

Under the new liquor policy, customers no longer need to wait outside liquor shops; instead, they can now walk in. The previous practice of selling alcohol through a small window has been replaced.

All liquor stores in the city are being transformed into stylish and upscale establishments, covering an area of 500 square feet each. These new liquor shops will feature attractive decor, a selection of high-quality drinks, and helpful staff. This document contains comprehensive information on liquor prices in Delhi, encompassing various types of liquor and their respective prices.

Delhi Liquor Price List 2024

We’re pleased to provide you with the comprehensive rate list for year-round wine prices in Delhi, covering a wide range of alcoholic beverages such as Jack Daniels (750ml), Blenders Pride, Royal Stag, 100 Pipers, Teachers Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Beer, and Indian/Foreign whiskey. Within this list, you’ll discover the specific prices for each type of wine, including Jack Daniels 750ml, Blenders Pride 750ml, Royal Stag 750ml, 100 Pipers 750ml, and many more.

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Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 Overview

Name of PDFDelhi Liquor/ Wine/ Beer Price List
Financial Year2024-24
PDF size40 KB
Number of pages09
CategoryLiquor Price List
Concerned DeptDepartment of Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax, Govt of Delhi
Official website

Why liquor is so cheap in Delhi?

Delhi stands out as one of the more liberal cities in India, and its flourishing alcohol industry is a testament to this environment. The relatively affordable prices of liquor in Delhi can be attributed to the state’s control over the sale and distribution of alcohol, resulting in a significant revenue stream for the government.

This state monopoly allows for the maintenance of lower liquor prices. Furthermore, the government levies substantial taxes on alcohol, which further contributes to its affordability for consumers. These factors together create an environment where enjoying alcoholic beverages is accessible to a broad range of people in the city.

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Liquor Price in Delhi 2024 (Whisky / Beer / Rum/ Vodka)

Here are the latest updated rates of Liquor in Delhi :-

100 Pipers WhiskyRs 1250Rs 700Rs 370
100 Pipers 12 Years Old WhiskyRs 2150Rs 1200Rs 700
1965 Spirit Of Victory Sup. Prem RumRs 400Rs 200Rs 100
8PM Premium Black Super. Why 60Ml(B)Rs 40
8PM Premium Black Super. Why 90Ml(B)Rs 65
8PM Premium Black Superior WhyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
After Dark Premium WhiskyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
After Dark Premium Whisky 90MlRs 65
All Seasons Con.Col.Res.Why 2000MlRs 1310
All Seasons Con.Col.Res.Why 60Ml(B)Rs 40
All Seasons Con.Col.Res.Why 90Ml(B)Rs 60
All Seasons Conn.Coll. Res.(W) LtrRs 650Rs 320
All Seasons Connoiss. Coll.Res. WhyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Antiquity Blue Ultra Classic WhiskyRs 880Rs 440Rs 220
Antiquity Blue Ultra.Clasc. Why 90MRs 110
Antiquity Blue Ultra.Clasc. Why LtrRs 1170
Aristocrat Premium WhiskyRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Aristocrat Premium Whisky (500Ml)Rs 270
Artic VodkaRs 910Rs 455Rs 225
Artic Vodka 60MlRs 75
Artic Vodka Natural Green AppleRs 960Rs 480Rs 240
Artic Vodka Nrl Green Apple 60MlRs 80
Bad Monkey Super Strong Beer 330 MlRs 75
Bad Monkey Super Strong Beer 500 MlRs 110
Bad Monkey Super Strong Beer 650MlRs 140
Barents Pr.Gold Reserve Why 60MlRs 75
Barents Premium Gold Reserve WhyRs 880Rs 440Rs 220
Ballantine’s Signature ReserveRs 1300
Ballantine’s 12 year old blended whiskyRs 2650
Ballantine’s 30 year old blended whiskyRs 3750
Bee Young Craf.St.Beer 500Ml BottleRs 110
Bee Young Crafted St.Beer 500Ml CanRs 110
Bee Young Crafted Strong BeerRs 135
Black & White Cel.Ed.Bl.Sct.(W)60MlRs 125
Black & White Cel.Edn.Scotch(W)Rs 1550Rs 775Rs 385
Black Dog Triple Gold Scot.C.E 60MlRs 175
Black Dog Triple Gold Scot.Why C.ERs 2190Rs 1095Rs 545
Blackdog Cent.Black Res.Scotch C.ERs 1580Rs 790Rs 395
Blackdog Cent.Blk.Res.Scot.C.E 2LtrRs 4220
Blackdog Cent.Blk.Res.Scot.C.E 60MlRs 130
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection WhiskyRs 190Rs 380Rs 750
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 1 LtrRs 980
Blue Eyes Green Apple VodkaRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
Blue Eyes Pure Grain VodkaRs 520Rs 260Rs 130
Blue Moon Indian Dry GinRs 1050Rs 525Rs 260
Blue Moon Sup Green Apple Fl VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Blue Moon Super Elite VodkaRs 530Rs 265Rs 135
Bottoms Up Premium WhiskyRs 420Rs 210Rs 105
Bottoms Up Premium Whisky 90MlRs 55
Calsberg Elephant St.Beer 500Ml CanRs 125
Canvas Special VodkaRs 750Rs 375Rs 185
Canvas Special Vodka 60Ml (P)Rs 60
Carlsberg Elephant St.Sup.Prm BeerRs 165
Charlie Gold Reserve WhiskyRs 540Rs 270Rs 135
Charlie Gold Xxx RumRs 430Rs 215Rs 110
Charlie Mist Cit.Green Apple VodkaRs 540Rs 270Rs 135
Charlie Superior Grain VodkaRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Charlie Xxx Superior RumRs 400Rs 200Rs 100
Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Scotch 750 mlRs 2800
Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Scotch 1000 mlRs 3300
Cliff Hanger Green Apple Pl.H. VodkaRs 590Rs 295Rs 150
Cliff Hanger Plat. Handicraft VodkaRs 550Rs 275Rs 140
Commander N Chief Jamaican Gold RumRs 450Rs 225Rs 115
Dennis Special WhiskyRs 420210Rs 105
Dennis Special Whisky (90 M.L.)Rs 50
Dignity Superior Grain WhiskyRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Discovery Elite WhiskyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Double Blue Classic Grain WhiskyRs 410Rs 205Rs 105
Episode Superior Grain WhiskyRs 310Rs 155Rs 75
Evening Special Exclu. Blnd WhiskyRs 410Rs 205Rs 105
Garrison Reserve Ultra Pr.Why 90MlRs 70
Garrison Reserve Ultra Premium WhyRs 550Rs 275Rs 140
Gladius Blend.10Yr Old Exotic RumRs 450Rs 225Rs 110
Goa Spirit Of Smoothness WhiskyRs 270Rs 135Rs 70
Godfather The Leg.Fin.St.Beer 330MlRs 70
Godfather The Leg.Fin.St.Beer 500MlRs 110
Godfather The Legendary Fin.St.BeerRs 130
Golfer’S Shot Barrel Aged WhiskyRs 770Rs 385Rs 190
Golfer’S Shot Barrel Whisky 60Ml(B)Rs 65
Golfer’S Shot Barrel Whisky 90Ml(B)Rs 95
Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label Reserve Blended MaltRs 4600Rs 2800Rs 1300
Governors Res. 100Per. Sup. Gr. WhyRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
Governors Res. Sel. Edit.Gr WhiskyRs 500Rs 250Rs 125
Glenfiddich Single Malt PriceRs 4000
Hunter Refreshing Stg Beer 500CanRs 110
Hunter Refreshing Strong BeerRs 130
Hunter Refreshing Strong Beer 325MlRs 70
Imperial Blue WhiskyRs 510Rs 290Rs 160
Indri Single Malt Indian WhiskyRs 3700
Indri Single Malt Indian Why 60M(B)Rs 295
Jameson Irish WhiskeyRs 1650
Jaisalmer Indian Craft GinRs 3450
Jim Beam Kent.Straight Bourbon WhyRs 1540Rs 385
Jogger Superior RumRs 420Rs 210Rs 105
Jolly Roger Premier Xxx RumRs 430Rs 215Rs 110
Jordy’S Bar Pr.Platinum Whisky 60MlRs 50
Jordy’S Bar Premium Platinum WhiskyRs 601Rs 300Rs 150
K.F Ultra Max Pr.Fn St Beer 500MlRs 140
K.F Ultra Max Pr.Fn St. Beer 330MlRs 95
K.F Ultra Max Premium.Fine St. BeerRs 180
King Fisher Premier Lager Beer(330)Rs 55
King’S Gold WhiskyRs 400Rs 200Rs 100
King’S Gold Whisky (500Ml)Rs 265
Kingfisher Fine Lager BeerRs 130
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer 330MlRs 70
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer 500MlRs 105
Kingfisher Fine Strong BeerRs 130
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer 330MlRs 70
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer 500MlRs 105
Kingfisher Premier Lager BeerRs 100
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer330CanRs 55
Kingfisher Premier Lgr Beer Can 500Rs 80
Kingfisher Strong Plat.Beer 330 MlRs 70
Kingfisher Strong Plat.Beer 500 MlRs 85
Kingfisher Strong Platinum BeerRs 130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager BeerRs 170
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lgr Beer 330Rs 90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lgr Beer 500Rs 130
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier BeerRs 185
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer 330MlRs 95
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer 500MlRs 160
Lift Up Vodka Finest SpiritRs 530Rs 265Rs 135
Lift Up Vodka Green Apple FlavouredRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
Lone Wolf Mild Beer 330MlRs 85
Lone Wolf Mild Beer 500Ml (Can)Rs 120
Lone Wolf Mild Beer 650MlRs 160
Lone Wolf Strong Beer 330MlRs 75
Lone Wolf Strong Beer 500Ml(Can)Rs 110
Lone Wolf Strong Beer 650MlRs 140
M2 Magic Momts Vrv. Cranb.Tes VodkaRs 780Rs 390Rs 195
M2 Magic Momts Vrv. G.App Sup.VodkaRs 780Rs 390Rs 195
M2 Magic Momts Vrv. Lemon.Lus VodkaRs 780Rs 390Rs 195
M2 Magic Momts Vrv. Sup. Gr. VodkaRs 760Rs 380Rs 190
Magic Mom.Rem.Lemon Gr&Ginger VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Mom.Remix Green Apple VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Mom.Remix Orange Prem.VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Momts Daz.Spl.Ed Pre.Gr VodkaRs 1020
Magic Momts Rex. Chocolate Pr.VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Momts Rex. Grp & Watrm. VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Momts Rex. Raspberry Pr.VodkaRs 580Rs 290Rs 145
Magic Momts Trpl. Dist. Prem. VodkaRs 530Rs 265Rs 135
Makers Delight Ultra Premium WhyRs 800Rs 400Rs 200
Mcdowel Signature Pr.Grain Why 1000Rs 1070
Mcdowell No.1 Clas. Bl Whisky 500MlRs 275
Mcdowell No.1 Classic Blend WhiskyRs 420Rs 210Rs 105
Mcdowell No.1 Classic Why (90 Ml)Rs 55
Mcdowell Signature Prem.Grain WhyRs 810Rs 405Rs 200
Mcdowell Signature Premier Why 90MlRs 100
Medusa Premium Strong BeerRs 160
Medusa Premium Strong Beer 330MlRs 85
Medusa Premium Strong Beer 500 CanRs 110
Milestone 100 Blend.Pr Ind.Gr WhyRs 410Rs 205Rs 105
Milestone 100 Whisky 90MlRs 55
Moja Deluxe Rum The Legend Of BlackRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Morning Star WhiskyRs 360Rs 180Rs 90
Morning Star Whisky (500 Ml)Rs 235
Morphes Xo Superior BrandyRs 840Rs 420Rs 210
Nvs Royal Envy Exclusive Prem.WhyRs 800Rs 400Rs 200
Oakton Barrel Aged Rare F.G WhyRs 800Rs 400Rs 200
Oakwood Creek Whiskey 90Ml (B)Rs 100
Oakwood Creek WhiskyRs 800Rs 400Rs 200
Oasis London Green Ap.Vodka 60Ml(B)Rs 45
Oasis London Tr.Dt.Green Apple VodkRs 550Rs 275Rs 140
Oasis London Triple Dist.VodkaRs 530Rs 265Rs 135
Oasis London Triple Dist.Vodka 60MlRs 45
Officer Choice Blue Dl.Gr.Why.500MlRs 270
Officers Choice Blue Dlx. Grain WhyRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Officers Choice Pure WhiskyRs 330Rs 165Rs 85
Old Habbit Green Apple VodkaRs 420Rs 210Rs 105
Old Habbit Green Apple Vodka 90MlRs 55
Old Habbit Premium WhiskyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Old Habbit Premium Whisky 90Ml (B)Rs 65
Old Habbit Premium Xxx RumRs 400Rs 200Rs 100
One More Sup. Craft Vodka Grn.AppleRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
One More Sup. Craft Vodka OrangeRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
One More Superior Craft VodkaRs 510Rs 255Rs 130
Party Special Blu Super Prem. WhyRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Party Special Rare WhiskyRs 360Rs 180Rs 90
Party Special Rare Whisky 500MlRs 245
Pentagon Gold Edition WhiskyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Pentagon Gold Edition Why 90Ml(B)Rs 65
Rampur Ind.Sing.Malt Why DoublecaskRs 7210
Red Code Rare Prem. Whisky 60Ml(P)Rs 40
Red Code Rare Premium WhiskyRs 500Rs 250Rs 125
Regal Brigade Prestige Grain WhiskyRs 410Rs 205Rs 100
Rockberg Gold Pr. Beer Strong 500MlRs 110
Rockberg Gold Premium Beer StrongRs 135
Rockford Classic Prem. Blend WhiskyRs 830Rs 415Rs 205
Rockford Classic Prm. Bl. Why 60MlRs 70
Royal Ace Rare Blended WhiskyRs 500Rs 250Rs 125
Royal Challenge Pr. Res. Why 1000MlRs 650
Royal Challenge Pr. Res.Why. 2000MlRs 1310
Royal Challenge Prem. Res. WhiskyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Royal Green Rich Bl. Why 1000/500MlRs 660Rs 330
Royal Green Rich Blended WhiskyRs 500Rs 250Rs 125
Royal Ranth.Heri.Coll. Crft.Lux WhyRs 1600Rs 800Rs 400
Royal Stag WhiskyRs 470Rs 260Rs 150
Royal Stag Whisky 1000mlRs 570
Six Fields Bl.Fin Wheat Beer 5000MlRs 2700
Six Fields Bl.Fin. Wheat Beer 330MlRs 125
Six Fields Bl.Fin. Wheat Beer 500MlRs 150
Smoke Lab Vodka ClassicRs 1600
Smoke Vodka AniseedRs 1600
Sterling Res.B10 Eq.Bl.Why. 90Ml(B)Rs 100
Sterling Res.B10 Exq.Blend.WhyRs 800Rs 400Rs 200
Sterling Res.B7 Elite Blend.WhyRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
Sterling Res.B7 Rare Bl.Why.90Ml(P)Rs 65
Teacher 50 Blended Scotch WhiskyRs 2030Rs 1015Rs 505
Teacher 50 Blended Scotch Why 60MlRs 165
Teacher Highland & Crm.Smth ScotchRs 1550Rs 775Rs 385
Teacher Highland Cream.S Scot(1000)Rs 2060
Teacher Highland Cream.S Scot(60Ml)Rs 125
The Generation Classic Blended WhyRs 830Rs 415Rs 205
The Hawkston Nobel Reserve S.Q WhyRs 540Rs 270Rs 135
The Rockford Reserve WhiskyRs 950Rs 475Rs 235
The Rockford Reserve Whisky 60MlRs 80
Tuborg St.Danish 1880 BeerRs 130
Tuborg St.Danish 1880 Beer 500Ml(C)Rs 100
Tuborg Sup. Premium Strong BeerRs 130
Tuborg Sup.Prem. Strong Beer Can500Rs 100
Vat 69 Blen.Scotch Why Cel.Edn 60MlRs 120
Vat 69 Blen.Scotch Why Cel.Edn LtrRs 1940
Vat 69 Blended Scotch Why Cel.EdnRs 1460Rs 730Rs 365
Wave Platinum Strong BeerRs 125
Wave Platinum Strong Beer 500Ml CanRs 105
Whiskin Craft Sp.Res.Gr.Why 90Ml(B)Rs 70
Whiskin Craft Sup. G.Res. Gr. WhyRs 560Rs 280Rs 140
Whiskin Craft Sup.G.Res.Gr.Why L/HlRs 740
Whiskin Craft Sup.Rs.Gr.Why 60Ml(P)Rs 45
Whistler Blended Malt Why.Rs 780Rs 390Rs 195
Whistler Blended Malt Why. 90Ml(B)Rs 100
White & Blue Prem. Why.(90 M.L.)(P)Rs 65
White & Blue Select (W) 1000/500MlRs 660Rs 330
White & Blue Select WhiskyRs 500Rs 250Rs 125
White Fox Ref.Cosmo Cranbery 325CanRs 110
White Fox Ref.Naug.Orange 325Ml CanRs 110
White Fox Ref.W.Pass.Fruit 330Ml(C)Rs 110
White Fox Tr.Dist Gr.App.Vodka 90MlRs 70
White Fox Tr.Dsit Green Apple VodkaRs 530Rs 265Rs 135
White Fox VodkaRs 490Rs 245Rs 125
White Fox Vodka 90MlRs 65
Wild Garrano Deluxe WhiskyRs 600Rs 300Rs 150
Woodpecker Lager Natural Wheat BeerRs 150
Woodpecker Lager Nr.Wheat Beer 325Rs 80
Woodpecker Lager Nr.Wheat Beer 500Rs 130
B.Philippe Mouton Cadet Blanc WineRs 2870
Black Tower Dornfdr.Pinot Noir WineRs 1650
Black Tower Riesling White WineRs 1660
Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva WineRs 1420
Bodega Norton Merlot WineRs 1420
Bush Ballad Shiraz Red WineRs 1240
Bush Ballard Chardonnay White WineRs 1240
Chabchhu Strong Beer 650 MlRs 115
Chevalier Alexis Lichine Chard.WineRs 1500
Chevalier Alexis Lichine Merlot WinRs 1500
Druk 11000 Prem. Strong Beer 500MlRs 110
Druk 11000 Super Strong BeerRs 130
Druk Lager Premium BeerRs 130
Druk Lager Premium Beer 500MlRs 110
Druk Supreme Pr.Lager. Beer 500MlRs 120
Druk Supreme Premium Lager BeerRs 140
Duque De Sevilla Garn. Rosado 750MlRs 1200
Duque De Sevilla Garnacha Tem.750MlRs 1200
Duque De Sevilla Viura Chard. 750MlRs 1200
Erdinger Weiss.W.F.Ye.Beer (330Ml bottle)Rs 180
Erdinger Weisse.Dunkel Beer(330Ml Bottle)Rs 180
Finlandia VodkaRs 1540
Four Cousins Sweet Red WineRs 1090
Four Cousins Sweet White WineRs 1090
Frontera Chardonnay WineRs 1420
Frontera Merlot WineRs 1420
Frontera Shiraz Red WineRs 1420
Golden Sparrow Sangi.Rubicone R/WinRs 1690
Jack Daniel Old Tenn.Black Label whiskeyRs 2690
Jack Daniel Tenn. Black Label whiskey(50 Ml)Rs 270
Jagermeister Liqueur 375MlRs 1665
Jagermeister Liquor (700 Ml)Rs 3070
Monte Pacifico Chardonnay WineRs 1800
Monte Pacifico Merlot Red WineRs 1800
Oranjeboom Prem.Strong Beer 500MlRs 180
Pater Sangiovese Toscan.FrescobaldiRs 2240
Solo Syrah TirioRs 1640
Two Oceans Pinotage Red WineRs 1680
Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc WineRs 1620
Two Oceans Shiraz Red WineRs 1640
Velho Pires Red Wine Igp Tejo 2020Rs 1180
Velho Pires Rose Wine Igp Tejo 2020Rs 1180
Velho Pires White Wine Igp Tejo2020Rs 1180
Vina Tarapaca Cosecha Cab.Sauv.WineRs 1650
Vina Tarapaca Cosecha Chardonnay WiRs 1650


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How much does an imported wine cost in Delhi?

The cost of imported wines can indeed vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the wine type, quality, and vintage. As a general guideline, for a decent bottle of wine from a reputable producer, you should budget approximately Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000 in Delhi. Keep in mind that luxury or rare wines may command higher prices, while more affordable options can be found as well, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

How much does a bottle of whisky cost in Delhi?

Whisky enjoys popularity as a favored beverage in numerous regions across the globe, and Delhi is certainly no exception. When it comes to whisky prices, they can fluctuate based on your location, but on average, you can expect to pay approximately Rs. 1500-2000 for a standard bottle of whisky in Delhi.

What is the Delhi Liquor Price List?

If you’re in search of a liquor price list in Delhi, you’ve landed in the right spot! Here, you’ll discover the most up-to-date liquor price list for all the top brands available in Delhi. We ensure that this list is refreshed daily, so be sure to return frequently to identify the most competitive prices. Additionally, you can rely on this list to uncover exceptional deals on liquor while you’re out shopping. Cheers to informed and economical choices!

दिल्ली अंग्रेजी शराब की रेट लिस्ट

दिल्ली आबकारी एवं कराधान विभाग ने 2024-24 के लिए अनुमोदित शराब दर सूची को हाल ही में जारी किया है। इस अपडेटेड सूची में, दिल्ली में बेचे जाने वाले अखिल भारतीय और विदेशी व्हिस्की, वाइन, स्कॉच, बीयर, और अन्य अल्कोहल ब्रांडों की मूल्य शामिल हैं। आप इस दिल्ली शराब अनुमोदित रेट सूची 2024-24 को दिल्ली आबकारी एवं कराधान विभाग की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर भी उपलब्ध कर सकते हैं।


What is the price of all seasons whiskey in Delhi 2024?

The bottle of all seasons whisky ml is 750ml. All seasons whisky price 750ML in Delhi is 550 Rupees.

What is the price of black and white whiskey in Delhi 2024?

Black and White Whisky 180ml price in Delhi is 340 to 380 Rs. Black and White Whisky 375ml price in Delhi is 770 to 810 Rs.

Why is whisky cheaper in Delhi?

The excise department of the Delhi government on Saturday allowed private shop owners to offer up to 25% discount on the maximum retail price (MRP) of liquor. The price of liquor in the national capital Delhi is likely to come down as the city government has allowed the private shops to offer discounts.

Is liquor cheaper in Gurgaon or Delhi?

Delhi shops do not offer foreign liquor, and even the ones that are sold there are cheaper in Gurgaon. Black Label costs Rs 2,400 in Gurgaon while in Delhi, it's for Rs 3,400.

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