LPG Cylinder 2024 Price Today, Check 14 KG/ 19 KG Gad Cylinder Rate with Subsidy in India

LPG Cylinder Price Today, Check 14 KG/ 19 KG Gad Cylinder Rate with Subsidy in India: LPG is an important element of our everyday lives. Because of the decline in oil prices, you can now afford to buy gas. Since gas-related costs have been kept to a minimum, you can easily set away some cash to meet your own demands. Nearly every home in India has access to LPG, which is primarily used for cooking. The state-run oil corporation in India decides the LPG price, which is then updated monthly. For more information, you should read the complete article.

LPG Cylinder Price Today

According to the latest sources and reports, LPG price increases will have an impact on the average person because they are a result of the recent increase in gasoline prices. The selling of LPG cylinders to consumers is subsidized by the Indian government. Their bank accounts are immediately rewarded with this subsidy after they have made the transaction. Based on the average global benchmark LPG prices multiplied by the current exchange rate, the LPG subsidy amount is calculated. The fluctuating pricing levels cause this to alter every month.

LPG Cylinder Price Today, Check 14 KG/ 19 KG Gad Cylinder Rate with Subsidy

LPG Gas Rates In India

The cost of LPG is significant to the average person since it determined how much they can spend on Kitchen necessities like cooking fuel. Due to the widespread use of the LPG connect system, any changes in the gas process could have a significant impact on the entire nation. Domestic LPG Cylinders are far less expensive than commercial LPG cylinders, which employ different chemicals and require higher storage temperatures.

Each Indian family receives an annual allotment of subsidized cylinders from the government. Citizens can save money on their gas bills and maintain low rates by doing this. You will need to pay the market price for additional LPG cylinders if you require them. This pricing is established by the global market and is valid in India as well. The major three manufacturers/sellers of LPG gas cylinders in India are Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HP Gas), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Indane Gas), and Bharat Petroleum Gas (Bharat Gas).

Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 Kg Cylinder

City Price Today
New Delhi Rs 899.50
Mumbai Rs 899.50
Gurgaon Rs 908.50
Bengaluru Rs 902.50
Chandigarh Rs 909.00
Jaipur Rs 903.50
Patna Rs 989.50
Kolkata Rs 926.00
Chennai Rs 915.50
Noida Rs 897.50
Bhubaneshwar Rs 926.00
Hyderabad Rs 952.00
Lucknow Rs 937.50
Trivandrum Rs 909.00

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What Is LPG?

Butane and Propane make up liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is mostly used for heating, cooking, and powering automobiles. LPG is made from oil and gas wells because it is a fossil fuel. Natural gas processing and crude oil refinery are both steps in the production of LPG. The absence of dangerous emissions from LPG combustion is one advantage of utilizing it. It also doesn’t smell terrible, making it suitable for usage in locations where other fuels are prohibited. Due to its lack of propensity for leakage or explosion, LPG is also regarded as a reliable fuel. It is among the fuels that are utilized the most frequently globally.

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LPG Cylinder Providers In India

Bharat Gas: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is in Charge of Bharat Gas. In India, it typically offers gas hookups for domestic usage to all households.

Indane Gas: Indian Oil Corporation, a government-owned company, manages Indane Gas. One can choose Indane if they want to have an LPG connection for their home. On presentation of the necessary documentation to the closest Indane Gas Distributor, the LPG connection under Indane is accessible to everyone.

HP Gas: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, a government-owned corporation, manages HP Gas. Across India, the organization offers its clients gas hookups for domestic consumption. According to the consumer accounts, customers who qualify for government subsidies will have the funds applied to their accounts after buying cylinders.

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Required Documents For Apply New LPG Connection

  • PAN Card
  • Election Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Government Issued Photo ID Card

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Proof of Address Documents (Any one of the following)

  • Driving Licence
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Lease Agreement
  • Flat Allotment
  • Self-declaration attested by a Gazetted officer
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Debit Card or Credit Card

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How to link a gas connection with a Mobile?

  • Visit the website of a gas company like Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, or Bharat Petroleum to connect the gas connection to the mobile device.
  • You can choose to link your gas connection with your mobile device on this page and select it.
  • Give them your 17-digit LPG ID and fill out other information, such as the reservation date.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price of LPG going to increase next month?

Depending on a number of variables, including market movement, outside political issues, and the price of oil, the price of LPG may or may not increase.

I am a customer of Indane. Can I change to Bharat Gas?

You can switch to Bharat Gas, of course. You only need to submit an application form and the required paperwork.

What is the price of an LPG Gas cylinder today?

Today’s Price for an Indane LPG Gas cylinder is Rs 1070 per cylinder. The weight of the Cylinder is almost 14.2 Kg and the subsidy price for the same is Rs 22.

From where can I access the information related to the LPG Gas Cylinder price?

If you want to access the information related to LPG Gas Cylinders. Then, you must have to read the above-mentioned article.

Is CNG better than LPG?

Both LPG and CNG have their advantages, However, the latter is recommended considering the rising price of LPG.

What is the weight of the LPG Cylinder?

The 14.2 kg of LPG and the cylinder’s dry weight should be added to determine the cylinder’s gross weight. For instance, if the cylinder’s printed bottom weight is 15.2 kg, a full cylinder filled with 14.2 Kilogramme of LPG should weigh 29.4 Kg overall.

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