Upskilling of Bamboo Workers

Course Material

  • Module I - Bamboo, Tools and Processes pdf
  • Module II - Weaving and Woven Products pdf
  • Module III - Lifestyle Products pdf
  • Module IV - Furniture pdf
  • Module V - Bamboo Jewellery pdf




Watch Video 

Introduction to Bamboo


Bamboo Treatment


Bamboo Treatment (Weaving Technique)


Dyeing process


Finishing Technique


Making of Dustbin


Making of Fruit Basket


Making of Table Mat


Making of Hanger Part 1


Making of Hanger Part 2


Making of Hanger Part 3


Making of Hanger Part 4


Making of Hanger (C Clamp Hanger)


Making of Bamboo Tray (Tray with round handle)


Making of Bamboo Tray (Tray with simple handle)


Making of Bamboo Jewellery


Making of Bamboo Lamp Shade


Making of Bamboo Partition


Making of Bamboo Stool


Making of Bamboo Woven Basket



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