Of all the issues related to youth, the lack of employment stands out due to its grave ripple effect. It makes youth unproductive, dampens aspirations and poses great risk on critical national economic and social development goals. While employment has conventionally been seen as a consequence of higher education, this has served little purpose in a broken formal education system where the majority of the youth does not conclude formal education. In such a scenario – “Skilling” is seen as the only tool which has the ability to transform the demographic disaster to demographic dividend. It is absolutely imperative that we have a system in place that systematically skills a person and produces appropriately skilled youth in sync with their cultural context, aspirations and the demand of the market.

From 2015-2021, CEMCA intends to achieve the following –

  • Enhance the technical and vocational skills of 80,000 youth from marginalized groups (50% of them women) in four Commonwealth countries through counselling, ODL/ FaB model and networking in atleast 12 industry sectors including environment and energy.
  • Improve the employability, productivity and entrepreneurship of atleast 20,000 youth.
  • Support 15 institutions improve their capacity to leverage gender responsive ODL/FaB model and increase access to learning.

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