Past Projects

CEMCA has completed several projects in the past for various national and international agencies, including UNESCO and FAO. Some of the projects completed in the recent past include:

  • On Going ProjectsCCFC/Ford Foundation: With the support of the Ford Foundation, CEMCA has initiated a project entitled “Enabling Media Access for Community’s Self Expression”. The thrust of the project is to provide CR movement in India the required support and interventions through CEMCA’s Community Radio Facilitation Centre (CCFC), capacity building and advocacy. The CCFC assists communities to apply for CR license and help navigate the process of establishing a CR station. Apart from a unit at CEMCA, a branch has also been created at the premises of MIB. It has trained several grassroots members in the licensing process, and assisted over 175 applicants in various stages of licensing.
  • EDAA: CEMCA supports the audio sharing platform developed and maintained by One World South Asia – Ek Dunia, Anek Awaz. This is an online community of Community Radio Stations in India, and facilitates sharing of content generated by the stations in open licenses. With the support of CEMCA, the platform is continuously being improved to provide better services to the stakeholders.
  • Web Radio: CEMCA in partnership with Newzstreet – a private online media agency experimented with the use of web radio in 16 institutions through a Public-Private Partnership model. While CEMCA is currently not supporting this initiative directly, web radio is a special field of interest for CEMCA, as it has the potential to empower communities to reach global audience. Web radio is highly suitable in situations where bandwidth is not an issue with the target group. For educational institutions, web radio is highly suitable, as their content can reach more people anywhere in the world. In places where Community Radio licence is in scarcity, web radio can be an effective and easy means to start radio stations without the need for license.

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