Higher Education

Higher Education

Equitable access to quality higher education in a country is widely recognized as essential for economic growth, research and innovation. Recognizing this, Asian countries are not only engaged in developing appropriate policies, but also investing in improving access to ICTs. CEMCA as a leader in the use of ICTs in higher education has been experimenting with use of audio, video, multimedia and online technologies to increase access to quality learning materials.

As technologies continue to grow and innovative educational delivery modes, such as MOOCs and blended approach are developed, several global trends are emerging. CEMCA will provide technical advice to stakeholders as they work to respond to these changes by reforming their curricula, diversifying provision and enlarging their networks.

From 2015-2021, CEMCA intends to achieve the following –

  • Support 15 higher educational institutions in three countries adopt/develop OER/ODL policies and practices for improving instructional delivery and increase access to quality learning
  • Build capacity of 600 teachers and functionaries in four countries to develop and deliver quality teaching learning materials while integrating educational media in existing OER.
  • Have 30,000 learners from 3 countries use 30 innovative and need based courses related to national needs (available as OER) for better competencies and learning opportunities
  • Ensure that 10,000 girls and youth from marginalized communities enroll and complete the tertiary education through Community based Learner Support System and improve their employability and / or entrepreneurship

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