Community Media

CEMCA has been very closely associated with all aspects of development of Community Radio - Policy, Advocacy, Establishment of community radio stations and Capacity building for community engagement, station management as well as local content creation. CEMCA has developed a Community Learning Programme (CLP) model which is unique in its approach in bringing about Social Change using Community Media.

From 2015-2021, CEMCA intends to achieve the following

  • Build capacity of 1000 individuals from 60 CR stations and different development agencies or partners for producing Community Learning Programmes for marginalized groups having special focus on women.
  • Make 60 community media organisations sustainable through our interventions
  • Convert 25,000 citizens from listenership and/or viewership to being learners.
  • Improve the employability, productivity, entrepreneurship, health and empowerment of atleast 10,000 citizens.

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