National Consultation on Community Radio by Young India & Community Radio Broadcasters of India

A group of Community Radios operating in different states of the country met during August 2nd and 3rd 2017 at National Academy of Broadcasting & Multimedia (Govt of India) Bhubaneswar for National Level Consultation on Community Radio for furthering rights, justice and development of marginalized communities. Dr. Shahid Rasool, Director CEMCA, gave the inaugural address and emphasized on the need for technology convergence and said that, “Community Radio should think beyond Broadcasting”. He discussed the TCM (Temple, Church & Mosque) model of sustainability with the CR Stations who had gathered there for the consultation, urging them to be Community Service Centres and not just Radio Stations. The Community Radio stations shared their experiences and built strong perspective for bringing social change through reducing the vulnerabilities of people by helping to assert their rights and entitlements. Best practices of Community Radios working in different states of India was exhibited on the themes of “Role of CR”, in the following, namely, response to Disaster & Conflict situation, ensuring justice to marginalized communities, empowering women, building livelihood and agriculture and future perspectives. As an outcome of all the experience sharing, a book was published to capture the best practices including the learning and experiences of the Community Radios.

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