Launching of NSOU OER Repository and Innovative Course on Inclusive Education

New Delhi, May 12, 2017: Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU), Kolkata launched the NSOU OER Repository and Innovative Course on Inclusive Education in “National Convention on Emanating Issues & Priorities in Teacher Education”, held at NSOU Kolkata on 12th May, 2017. Distinguished and eminent Faculty and Official(s) from the national and state level institutions graced the occasion and delivered lectures on specific issues related to the topic. Around 60 Principals, Departmental Heads, Senior faculty members participated. The emerging concerns and priorities were concentrated around Teacher Education Curriculum & Syllabus (NCTE New Regulation, 2014). The attempt on behalf of SoE, NSOU was taken for quality enhancement of the system so that the in-house faculties as well as the other stakeholders can accrue benefit from it.






The following academic leaders from different institutions were the cherished guests in the National convention.

1)      Prof. Nageshwar Rao, Hon’ble V.C, Uttarakhand Open University

2)      Prof. Srikant Mohapatra, Hon’ble V. C, Odisha State Open University

3)      Dr. Shahid Rasool, Director, CEMCA, New Delhi

4)      Prof. A.M Moorthy, Hon’ble V.C TNPESU, Chennai

5)      Prof. Mita Banerjee, Hon’ble V.C, WBUTTEPA, Kolkata

6)      Swami Tattwasarananda Maharaj, Principal, RKMSM, Belur

7)      Prof. Bhujendra Nath Panda, RIE, Bhubaneswar

Dr. Atindranath Dey, Director, SoE, NSOU formally welcomed the gathering. The Convention was inaugurated by Prof. Nageshwar Rao, Hon’ble V.C, Uttarakhand Open University. Swami Tattwasaranda, Principal, RKMSM, Belur delivered the keynote address at the Convention. Other dignitaries also offered their valued addresses. Dr. Shahid Rasool, Director CEMCA, New Delhi was the Chief Guest of the Convention. In his delivery, he laid emphasis on the introduction of inclusive education as a component in all courses related to teacher education. He stated that incorporation of OER and usage of MOOC platform are of great significance in distance education and go hand in hand with inclusiveness of education. OER Policy and MOOCs will play a pivotal role in future teaching learning practice. Dr. Rasool also remarked the changing face of technology pertaining to the world in general & India in particular. As the learners shift from being ‘Digital Migrants’ to ‘Digital Natives’, Technology Enabled Learning is welcomed. Dr. Rasool appreciated NSOU for the initiative and extended help and assistance from CEMCA within the limited resources.

In addition to this, Dr. Shahid Rasool launched the following two Programmes:

  • NSOU-OER repository Project (CEMCA-OER project) was launched during the inaugural session of the Convention. Dr. Anirban Ghosh & Ms Barnali Roy Choudhury, Project Coordinators presented the status of the project and also presented the NSOU-OER Repository with suitable CC-BY-NC-SA licenses for different print & non-print educational resources of NSOU.
  • An innovative Course on Inclusive Education (SoE-NSOU-CEMCA Project) for different stakeholders to offer in blended mode was also announced formally on this occasion. Dr. Sumanta Chattaraj, Project Director added that at this juncture, it is heartening that CEMCA and SoE, NSOU have come together to offer an impactful certificate course programme “On capacity building and professional development of teachers and teacher educators for successful implementation of inclusiveness”. The Course will be offered through LMS (Learning Management System) and will follow a multimedia approach with SLM, PPT and Audio – Visual materials. Dr. Rasool stated that through such platforms, the users will develop a better and comprehensive understanding about the concept of inclusive education, its magnitudes and their social responsibilities.

Prof. S.S.Sarkar, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, NSOU in his presidential address at the very outset extended his gratitude to all the dignitaries for their help and co-operation in bringing about the true insight of the National Convention. Dr. Papiya Upadhyay, Asst Prof, SoE, NSOU proposed the Vote of Thanks at the inaugural session.

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