Mobile Handset Repairing and Setting up a Mobile Repair Shop


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Dead Phones Check


Solving Touch and Display Related Faults


Changing Combo (Display And Touch)


Power Testing Tools


Soldering And De-Soldering Tools


Solving Camera Related Faults


Restore/Reset a Phone to Default Setting


Battery Testing


Phone Opening and Closing Tools


Charging Problems


Advantage of Joining Repair Guru Franchisee Network & Process of Joining


Customer Handling Skills


How to Create Job-Sheet


Financial Management of Repair center, Rate list.


How to Brand and Market Mobile Repair Center/Shop


How to Setup Mobile Phone Repair Shop


Checking IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number


ESD Safety Tools


Repairing Mobile Phone Ringer


Solving Vibrator Related Faults


Solving Receiver Related Faults


Checking Track and Use of Jumper Wire


Solving Mic Related Faults


Solving Network related problem


Career progression and role of mobile repair technician



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